Insomniac Games to make special announcement during community day

Next Tuesday Insomniac Games will make a special announcement during their community day at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

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Balt 2768d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kon2768d ago

I wonder what it is...

DangerTick2768d ago

It's probably their new shitty IP that nobody cares about. Insomniac are mediocre devs and the only thing they're good at hyping up is the Ratchet & Clank games.

Azianphil882768d ago

Lot a haters here on the most respected developers of this generation.
Probably 360s

Soldierone2768d ago

They are just jealous lol...always gotta try to bring someone down trying to fly.

Soldierone2768d ago

Since its during the Resistance gameplay thing, I bet its the announcement of who won their contest or something dealing with it. I doubt its a new game.

AndrewE2768d ago

most likely or a new multiplayer mode or something to the tune of some online feature with PSN Plus beta of some sort.

Soldierone2768d ago

I just read on the Insomniac forums that the finalists "winners" will be attending the event. And if you look at the schedule they don't have any time slot for them unless its the "art" section. So the chances are its just them talking about the winners.

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