Zipper: SOCOM 4's multiplayer will keep you coming back

PSU Writes:

"With the launch of the SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta, Zipper is touting the enormous variety in online co-op and competitive action. During a press conference call today, Travis Steiner, Lead Designer on SOCOM 4, outlined just what we’ll all be playing over the next several months.

“You’ll get something unique each time you play,” he said. The custom campaign creation tool offers enormous depth, allowing players to customize a series of co-op scenarios and string them together into a single medley for more extended play. You’ll experience this string of scenarios with a total of five players."

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Abash2792d ago

If the SOCOM 4 beta is any indication, they're right

guitarded772792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I pre-ordered the game day one and started playing in the beta today... while there is some work to be done to make the game better, I trust Zipper to make it happen.

erathaol2792d ago

They did modify MAG upon and after its release. Listening to feedback and looking for ways to touch up the game seem to be things they are very well capable of.

gamingisnotacrime2792d ago

they made a lot of changes to mag, but never fixed the almighty knife

egidem2792d ago

I can't wait to get this game.

BK-2012792d ago

Has anyone else been randomly getting headshot by assualt rifles from ridiculous ranges? Thats my only gripe so far. It is easier to get headshots with an AR than body shots with a sniper.

nnotdead2792d ago

yeah this has been a complaint since the start. it is something they should fix, but it hasn't ruined my play time.

Omega Archetype2792d ago

Oh yeah. I've already put 5+ hours into it. It's great (not flawless, but great nonetheless,) and I can't wait for the full game!

I'm really excited for the singleplayer and co-op stuff too!

nnotdead2792d ago

co-op looks hella fun. i'm enjoying the beta(just shy of 10 hours), but i do hope to have most of my mp be co-op. it really depends on my MAG clan coming over, and them wanting to co-op.

Spenok2792d ago

Agreed, and @guitarded77

seeing how Zipper still gives MAG love i also have no doubt they will make this one of the best MP games out there. The first true Socom for Next gen systems!

starcb262792d ago

I usually die in the first minute so I doubt ima be coming back.

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writersblock2792d ago

As a general rule, I dont take devs praising their own games to heart

A 3rd party is needed to pass judgement on a game

2792d ago
renegade2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I playing the beta i can tell you it can be addicting, since haven't all features of the game is going to be a good one.

rajman2792d ago

The beta has way to many flaws to enjoy properly, Zipper really needs to look at Uncharted 2's awesome multiplayer, thats probably the best 3rd person shooter Ive ever played.

nnotdead2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

i'm enjoying this beta a lot more than i enjoyed Uncharted 2's mp. i guess it a personal preference thing, but i do agree there is a few things Zipper needs to fix, but i wouldn't say it can't be enjoyed. like i said, i'm having hella amounts of fun.

can we stop with the SOCOM 2. it was fun for its time, but too many look at the game through nostalgia classes. the game was ugly, laggy, and filled with wall glitchers.

@Eric2929 below
o'yes u can lol.

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