Ace Combat 6 Hands-On Preview by GameSpot

Ace Combat 6 is graphically impressive in the air, with a staggering amount of detail on the planes and beautifully atmospheric lighting and effects. On the ground, things are less eye-catching. Up close, the lack of detail is quite off-putting because large areas of the ground are blurry, flat textures, and buildings are fairly simple, flat objects. There are no vehicles to be seen or people running around, but the scaling back of the detail seems to have helped the frame rate, which remains solid throughout. There are also some really nice cloud and water elements, and the plane itself is wonderfully animated with flaps that open and turn to steer.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4484d ago

Game got 8.5 from OXM.

Same issue reviewed as Bioshock, Halo 3, and Skate. I think it probably deserves a 9. Thats from the feel of the demo, and knowing that Ace Combat franchise has never dissapointed me. Never ever.

With more reviews I'm sure this game will score higher.

360 has some awesome exclusives the holiday season. Theres no denying that.

R M Spender4484d ago

i got a 360 over the ps3 for obvious reasons but have been a fan of ps and ps2 games. iam sooo happy to have ace combat on the 360! ill be getting that flight stick too thank you! the detail on the ground is a bit weak but i think its a good place to be cutting out detail to sacrifice for the rest of the game. looks great!! best of its kind!