Criterion Games: "There will be no "AfterTouch" in Burnout Paradise"

In the latest Criterion Games podcast (CrashFM), the developers revealed that the new Burnout game will lose the "AfterTouch" feature. The feature was available in the last game, in which you could control the wrecked car and use the feature to "Takedown" one of your rivals.

The reason given was because the developers believed the feature slowed down the pace of the game

They also answer many other user emails about the game. You can also check out the archives for other episodes where they answer questions also.

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thereapersson4120d ago

I always liked that feature! It was so satisfying to slam your car into another rival before they even entered the equation of the crash.

Oh well, i'm still buying this game!

ShiftyLookingCow4120d ago

nooo, I like controlling my destiny after a crash.

Bathyj4120d ago

Damn. It would have been cool if they did it with the 6 axixs.

Skynetone4120d ago

that was one of the best features

seriouly, Do these companys actually like f**ing up games

crazy250004120d ago

u said what i felt, but its Ramadan and im fasting so i cant swear =)

bym051d4120d ago

It was a cool feature, but slowed down the game too much. Sometimes, the aftertouches just took too long.

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The story is too old to be commented.