9.8 : Crysis 2 Review

Popular Irish gaming site writes "The incredible graphics mixed with a good solid story, a nice controller set up and all topped off with a practically flawless gameplay experience makes this a game that sets the bar for all others to follow"

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units2819d ago


Overall : Crysis 2 does deliver what Crytek promised. The visuals will blow you away, there are some slight differences between the two consoles I felt the Xbox was slightly better looking but it’s very marginal and in terms of gameplay they are identical.

StanLatMarveldotCom2819d ago

We get it, the XBox 360 version has the edge. It doesn't need to be highlighted in the comment section of every Crysis 2 article.

SoulMisaki2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Picked it up around noon today, played abit of the campaign.

The graphics are the best ever in a MULTIPLATFORM RELEASE. Remember that, those words mean something. Even so, I really love the gameplay and the campaign being so long really adds value.

I personally still think Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2 both have better graphics, technically and visually. It is simply because they are on stronger hardware, and built only for that hardware.

If a game is built for one system, and one system alone, it will always look better than a game which is built for multiple systems around the same time period. (I say this because there's no way Perfect Dark: Zero looks better than Crysis 2)

Anyway, now you all know my opinion, I don't care if I get agrees or disagrees, I just felt like sharing it, Let me know in some replies how you feel about Crysis 2, it's graphics, it's gameplay, or anything else about it.

starchild2819d ago

I spent several hours today comparing Uncharted 2 and Killzone 3 to Crysis 2 on the 360 and there is no doubt what so ever that Crysis 2 has superior graphics. The only area I would give an advantage to Uncharted 2 and Killzone 3 is that they are a little cleaner on average. But in terms of lighting, textures, effects, foliage, water, fire, object modeling and scale Crysis 2 clearly wins.

talltony2819d ago

You know what this game is awesome. I got it on ps3, the single player is excellent so far. Nice to look at, best looking multiplat IMO. Also the mp is actually great as well, this is a very solid title and if you like fps's this is one of the best out there. Highly recommend it.

airhorn952819d ago

Wow so graphics really are the only thing that matters to get an almost perfect score. Don't get me wrong Crysis 2 looks amazing but a 98/100 that's a little absurd more like a 90/100.

Kon2819d ago

wow, 8 points make a HUGE difference.

airhorn952818d ago

My comment is below if u would like 2 reply

Bear_Grylls2819d ago

Gotta agree with you. No 98 lol

Mista T2819d ago

the gameplay is awesome, and the campaign is epic.

airhorn952818d ago

@Kon yes 8 points do make a huge difference thank u for that comment... @Bear_Grylls thanks for thinking logically... @Mista T I never said it didn't have awesome game play or an epic campaign I simply said it doesn't deserve a 98 and if u wondering what game deserves a 98 there really isn't one and if there was it definitely wouldn't be Crysis

BoneIdle2818d ago

if you took the time to read the review instead of just trolling comment sections you would see the review says this game isn't just getting the score for its graphics. and yes games should get top scores if they do so much correctly.

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gorebago2819d ago

i meant to try out the mp yesterday and six hours later i'm freaking hooked. it plays like cod but the nanosuit MORE than makes up for it.

sp is pretty good too.

so glad this game turned out awesome.

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