GameInformer: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Review

If you liked Dissidia, you will like Dissidia 012. Square Enix’s minimal attempts to address the first game’s issues won’t win any new fans, but the company knows how to pander to an audience. That’s one area where Dissidia 012 is firing on all cylinders.

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KillaManiac2770d ago

Loving this much to unlock and collect.

Its way worth the purchase over most games with stories of 5-7 hours of gameplay.

Redempteur2770d ago

sloppy controls ?

mouarff . i admit i wasn't a fan of the controls in the first but for some reason i already spent way more time with the sequel now

duodecim is better than the first on EVERY aspect

DangerTick2770d ago

The first game is better than this rehash. The title of this "second game" is proof enough. 012 = 1.2

I'll skip this and wait for a REAL sequel to Dissidia (one that hopefully isn't full of shitty FF13 characters).

Redempteur2769d ago

you haven't played the game that's for sure .