The Simpsons demo on Xbox live marketplace

After Kang and Kodos use their Halloween ray on Springfield's famous Lard Lad statue, it's up to Homer and Bart to stop the rampaging mascot from destroying the town. To do this the two must fend off waves of miniature Krusty dolls while avoiding Lard Lad's destructive laser and stomp attacks in an attempt to pull out his wiring. Will our heroes prevail? The fate of Springfield is in your hands!

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sjappie4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

the Simpsons demo is really good, it's really fun to play and I think I'm actually gonna buy the game. EA seems to have a quality game here.
I am a big Simpsons fan, so that helps to, I guess.

vgn244488d ago

This is gonna be another GOOD game in the franchise. I remember growing up and every Simpsons game sucking. For some of you kids, it may be surprising, but the Simpsons game use to be awful. Since about 03, they've been great!

Swe_Goliath4488d ago

The ps3 already got this demo and that means if i understand correctly now that the PSN is starting to get faster at demos ?

Bnet3434488d ago

because xbox 360 always gets the demos first, so they kind of want even it out. for example, you didnt get the bladestorm demo this week did you?

vgn244488d ago

I'm happy that PSN got a demo first. They need it. All the Sony fanboys were whining that they still don't have Conan and had to wait for Bladestorm. Be careful before you throw stones, cause you're only armed with pebbles bro.

TheXgamerLive4488d ago

MS usually test there demo's for several days to a week before release to ensure a smooth download and play.

No big deal, and yeah, the game seems fun, I loved all the little krusty's running around too.

Barreldragon004488d ago

Played the game yesterday it was really fun i'm going to have to at least rent the game now.

The best part is trying to get all of the comic book guys satire awards they had me laughing so hard

Mikey_Gee4488d ago

.. just not my cup of tea. But not BAD by any means.