iPad 2 graphics performance dwarfs other tablets, similar to NGP

On track for UK launch

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mattfong2819d ago

I think any new iPad is going to Sonys NGP/PSP2 out of date, Apple release every 2 years ...

silvacrest2819d ago

the ipad 2 does not have buttons and i doubt it ever will, nor will it ever have NGP calibur games

so what im saying is, specs aren't everything

truehunter2819d ago

tho i gave my wife itouch. All the games i bought an play on it are usely strategy/tactic/Puzzle like bejeweled but other then action/ shooting/2D fighting/side scroll games isnt even worth buying it. With out any support on phy button its dam too hard on playing. Most developer dont even try to improve there button system witch lack sence apple dont give a trash how they are made.

Spenok2818d ago

I second both you AND truehunter! :D

Trroy2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Doesn't sound that impressive to me -- it sounds "on par" with other tech releasing in the same timeframe... except the NGP, which is way over the top, if it releases at the same time.

For its price, you'd think Apple would go with a quad core GPU on the iPad 2, as well... but they've chosen not to.

2819d ago
xtreampro_REVENGE!2819d ago

There's a massive difference between Quad-Core and Dual-Core.

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