The Most Overrated Games of Recent Memory

The Masses: “Dude! You’ve got to get this game it is so f$^king awesome!”
You: “Sweet man, I’ll go get it right now.”
[Later that day]
You: “What the f*^k?! Why, oh, why did I buy this?”
You: [possible sobbing]

We’ve all been there, we listened to the glorified reviews of a game and it didn’t live up to the hype. Well here is my list of some of the most overrated games of recent memory:

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DragonWarrior4727d ago

Personally, I think 99% of the games that come out are totally overrated. But the fact is that we just take what we can get.

Brash_Attack4727d ago

I'm going to agree and disagree. I agree that most games now a days are overrated, but, personally, I don't "just take what [I] can get". I'm choosy. I'm putting myself through college and still trying to live a life. I can't just buy every game that comes out. I have to be careful when buying games as to not waste precious cash-moniez. I don't take what I can get.

fossilfern4727d ago

Im with Brash. I used to buy most games when they came out but i realised I was wasting my money and I needed that money for other things and iv come to realise how much I value the money I earn. So now I pick games that I know I'll like

Eyeco4727d ago

the word overrated is overrated.

StanLatMarveldotCom4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

I don't think Halo: ODST was overrated. It had a great campaign and introduced Firefight mode to the series. If you weren't a fan of Halo it wouldn't have made you a convert. I don't think Black Ops was overrate either, the single player was standard FPS fare and I play the game on XBL so I've never experienced connectivity issues having 9 days of gameplay. I think Modern Warfare 2 was the low point of the Call of Duty series having poor weapon and perk balance but Black Ops does a better job of balancing both. To say guns have no recoil is ridiculous or the writer hasn't played Modern Warfare 2.

kancerkid4727d ago

So I guess it is against the rules anymore to say a PS3 exclusive is over-rated, right?

I would go with Oblivion, though, either way.

I am not a Morrowind purist though (which hasn't aged well itself), I just cannot play Oblivion for how long it should be played because there are so many broken mechanics.

I have played Borderlands for 4+ days in one save, whereas I have only put 60 hours into Oblivion in the past 3 years.

Maybe I should get the fixed (PC) version of Oblivion

Eyeco4727d ago


i don't know why you got so many disagrees for being right , mw2 was the worst in the series i mean LMAO @ the killstreaks, your gonna give somone on 25 killstreak the ability to end the game in 2seconds , lol talk about unbalanced , BO was more balanced and more polished, how many patches were released for MW2 and its still buggy, that game was a travesty goty my ass

Rumor4727d ago

"epically" made me lol "Epicly" is much more internet-acceptable.

OT: yea, i didn't even purchase cod:BO, don't plan to and will not on any further cod games. not spilling haterade here, but ps3 has waaaaaay too many exclusives coming and battlefield 3 is looking phenomenal.

MaxXAttaxX4727d ago

Put Modern Warfare 2 instead of Black Ops.

And Halo 3 instead of ODST.

I still agree with the list, but there were better choices.

RedSky4726d ago

Just like movie blockbusters, games nowadays are so big budget they have to stoop to the lowest common denominator to make back their budget. Everyone understands explosions. Not everyone understand complex storylines or cares about developing characters.

Guess where the money goes.

Also buying reviewers with exclusive pre-release version offers. Remember the last time a pre-release review for a big budget game was negative? Neither do I.

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lelo2play4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

From the list... Limbo was a great game, but short.

Halo's... they are good games, but way overrated.

COD... well... every year it's... same sh*t, different smell.

Assassin's Creed... OK game.

Probably be hammered here in N4G but... but there are a few PS3 exclusives that are way overrated... mainly due to the fan-boys. Good or bad, PS3 fan-boys do tend to overate their exclusives to the death.

... and there are quite a few games that are underrated mainly because they are multiplatform games.

DragonWarrior4727d ago

what ps3 games are overrated?

evrfighter4727d ago

Killzone, gt5, heavy rain was ok but here at N4g it was "best game evar!!!!111!!!!!", gow3 was a borefest

My opinion btw

Echo3074727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

"there are a few PS3 exclusives that are way overrated..."

Oh man, I can already feel the animosity starting to build just based on this comment.

A PS3 game that's overrated? Preposterous!

EDIT @evrfighter

I'll agree that if you read nothing but N4G comments, Killzone 3 and GT5 are 'mildly' overrated. But that's only because the SDF boys here counter every piece of non-PS3 news with a PS3 game so no matter what article you're reading, you hear about PS3 exclusives.

Personally, I loved Heavy Rain. And God of War 3 is definitely NOT boring. One of the best games this gen, IMO.


He said something that negatively reflects the PS3... so yes, there will be fireworks. Did you forget where we are? ;-)

Silly gameAr4727d ago


You think his comment holds that much weight? It's his opinion. Everyone is entitled to one.

zootang4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

I think it's the other way round, nearly every xbox360 exclusive is over rated in my opinion. What 360 exclusive is a 10/10? The reason why I sold my 360. PS3 on the other hand had LBP, Demon Souls, Flower, GT5, Uncharted.

TKCMuzzer4727d ago

I don't understand. I have a 360 as well and there are many games on there that are overrated. So your point is useless as many 360 fanboys overrate 360 games. See the pattern.

dgonza404727d ago

i thought Red Dead Redemption was overrated.
dont get me wrong, it was good, but not amazing.
The ending felt very forced, quick, and unsatisfying
when John walks out of the barn to die, there's no send-off music, no one is talking, and john doesnt say anything. He just breaths deeply for like 20 seconds, then the officer lights his cigar, and the bad guys walk away. how f*ing lame is that?
The real ending where his son kills Ross isnt as cinematic either. Music does amplify emotion, so idk why they wouldnt include music in two of the most important scenes in Red Dead. Again, the game is good, but like a book, the ending is important

spektical4727d ago


i felt exactly the same way. It was as if Rockstar needed a quick ending to a very long, yet interesting narrative. Seems like they either didnt have time or ran out of ideas to form a nice flowing conclusion.

Iroquois_Pliskin4727d ago


You´ve never played them.

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NanoSoldier4727d ago

And the fanboy war goes on in here. what I can tell you is that a Uncharted, Killzone or God of War is very far from being overrated.

Vherostar4726d ago

That list is BANG ON. Never heard of Limbo but the other 3 are top 3 in my book. ODST only because it was an overpriced expansion pack.

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Dart894727d ago

Cod has been getting over hyped every year after cod 4.I member last year everyone saying blk ops was going to b the best it's a freakin snore fest it's not fun to play like mw1 is.

metsgaming4727d ago

GTA4 for sure, and all the cods. Those are at the top and just after those i would say halo.

HeavenlySnipes4727d ago

But only 2. Now please don't bubble rape me lol, but I found 2 almost the same as the first. The only real fun was doing the main missions or the catacomb ones. Finding feathers and shit was too boring for me, and was a pain especially because Ezio loved climbing the wrong way or jumping off a ledge when I CLEARLY did not press anything to do that.I ended up just stopping about 3/5's along the way and haven't touched it for about 5 months.

ODST wasn't really overrated because we all say it should of been DLC. When have you heard someone defend it going full retail?

COD has always been the most barebones FPS. Only casual FPS players claim its the best FPs ever. While the majority of us hardcore gamers would agree that several FPSs are better.

QuodEratDemonstrandm4727d ago

You don't even remember the first Assassin's Creed... a testament to how overrated it was. Go to Damascus (or Acre, or Jerusalem), climb the towers, save the civilians, listen to a conversation, give someone a beat down, pick a pocket, then kill the target, rinse, repeat.
Then Came AC2. I didn't catch any of the hype, I just knew it was coming, so I can't really comment on whether or not it was overrated, or whether or not it deserved the praise it got, but I did enjoy it, much more than the first. I can understand if you didn't, I had some of the same issues you mentioned, the tedium of finding feathers, and the missed jumps, but... another agree.... the main story and the Assassin tombs were a lot of fun. I also have to admit, I liked the glyph puzzles.

Overrated? Maybe, but overrated doesn't necessarily mean BAD, just like popular doesn't necessarily mean good. A good game can be over hyped by critics and players (GTA4 is an example, so is Final Fantasy XIII), and a game that doesn't even rate being called shovelware can become wildly popular (A hyperbolic statement, but you get the drift).

HeavenlySnipes4727d ago

but I do think its overrated. I'd give the game an 8-8.5. I did play and complete AC however (yeah I know I'm weird) but it was probably because it was one of my first next gen games so I didn't really give a shit on the gameplay. lol

QuodEratDemonstrandm4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

I don't think it's weird. I finished the story. I just didn't get to all the Templar knights and flags.

I'd rate AC2 and AC: Brotherhood about the same 8-8.5... maybe a 9 for Brotherhood. The Romulus Lairs are a lot better than the Assassin Tombs, but the Armor of Brutus is..... I don't like that look. I preferred the Altair Armor in AC2.

and now I'm out of Bubbles....

Baka-akaB4727d ago

I dont see how a 8 or 8.5 title , in your own opinion and wording , can be overrated . Unless you use the scale and rating way too loosely .

I disagree either way .

There isnt anything else that offer what Assassin creed 2 offers , besides well the assassin creed serie .

Games that mix so well actual element of culture and history with fiction arent legion . Heck they are usually only the good old fashioned point and click mystery/pc adventure games .

Their numbers take an even bigger dip , when you add fidel historical architectures .

The story itself was already easily better than most current games .

And even the "cash-in" current sequel Brotherhood , has beaten expectations with its content , and its surprisingly good multiplayer , when most cynicals like myself , expected a tacky tacked on mp experience .

Overall the serie is a very unique experience in every aspects . I dont get how it could be even called overrated .

Another abuse of the word imo .

They becomes even more rare