Crysis 2 PC - Compromised by Cross-Platform Development

The game looks and plays better on PC but there are a very subtle changes that point to a focus on the console version.

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byeGollum2817d ago

they are only human... just be grateful ..

BeastlyRig2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

That means Dice are gods & not human!

BF3 on pc will be waaaaay more enjoyable!

but really I thought crysis 2 would looked way better than the mods!

Bob5702817d ago

Be grateful for a half assed game that fails to contend with it's predecessor? For treating the people who supported them since the beginning of their existence as though they are second class? They thought about their fanbase last, that's a good reason to be upset.

gcolley2817d ago

what are you smoking? 95% of crysis players pirated the game, their words not mine. PC gamers guaranteed the focus on consoles this time around. crysis 1 was the must have game a couple of years ago so it is safe to say they made a small fraction of what they could have.

you want to be pissed off, blame your so called fanbase. crytek still have a business to run here, they are not in the game to please dishonest PC gamers.

kevnb2817d ago

So now they can blame used games sales and rentals? they sold 3 million copies of a game nobody could run well, and to boot it was the first in the series. I dont know what they expected.

Solid_Snake-2817d ago

agreed. im 2/3 hours into it on the pc and its so consolized its not funny.

crysis 1 is way better.

@gcolley just because they were making it multi platform there is no excuse for not making the pc version better...look at dice there making battlefield 3 special for the pc and consoles are getting there version. crytek could of done the same with crysis 2.

why should pc gamers get ripped off because console gamers are casual and only want linear fps games.

i think most pc gamers will agree that we wanted the open world that made crysis 1 what it was.

Bob5702817d ago

@gcolley I'm smoking a heavy dose of reality. Evidently you are not.

The VAST majority of PC gamers do not pirate games. You really need to pull your head out of your ass if you honestly think that the majority of PC gamers do.

gcolley2817d ago

@Bob - reality? wha???

possibly the most pirated game in history and you think you are right. i am just saying what they said. crysis 2 went multi-platform immediately after the first one was released. they quoted 95% not me. i'm talking facts and you are talking emotions.

"The developer announced in April that it would no longer be creating any more PC-exclusive franchises, although thus far the company has resisted developing any version of Crysis for consoles."

the REALITY is they got depressed over the state of the PC industry because of the insane piracy. how can you argue this. there is simply a lot more money in consoles for them

Bob5702817d ago

@gcolley Oh really. 95%? So basically what you are saying is that the game sold 3 million copies, and should have sold 60 million?

Think about it. A game that is exclusive to PC, and requires a very powerful PC, selling 60 million copies.

Yes, of course they are going to make more money if they develop for consoles as well as PC. But that doesn't mean the game should abandon everything it ever was as well as the people who supported it.

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Kon2817d ago

So, this game doesn't have custom settings? Damn, i guess i'll have do edit the files then.

Gamer_Z2817d ago

You know I was expecting a lot more buzz about this game after it released but no not a word. There is really nobody talking about Crysis except for fanboys raging on about what console does it look better on. Hmmm I wonder how well the game actually sold?

Software_Lover2817d ago

Yes, if the game was not complete it should not have come out yet, but as a pc gamer (primarily lately), I will wait to give my disdain or praise after the DirectX 11 patch.

And it better come sooner than later.

The game looks good regardless. Its not an open world Island because Crytek wanted to make something more people could enjoy. And more people like shooting games with more action.

And I think they did a pretty good job. Its not just a bunch of trees and ocean, but buildings, trees, cars, more gunplay, you have to play faster than in the original, the ability to change the suit options on the fly, etc, etc. They made a lot of changes with this iteration.

But like I said, after the patch, I will give my disdain or praise.

kevnb2817d ago

I think its fantastic with a few tweaks. Changed fov to 70, removed blur, set aa to a reasonable level, and set everything else to high instead of the medium/low mixture of console. It looks so blurry and laggy on console in comparison, not sure why they want us to think the pc version isnt any better?

Software_Lover2817d ago

I know there was an article posted (not on N4g) about making some changes to the files. Might have to check it out.

Psychotica2817d ago

Hope this doesn't happen to BF3...

gcolley2817d ago

2 letters for you... EA

have a look at BFBC2 single player. what a CoD fearing pile of linear rubbish.

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