Amazon UK: Nintendo 3DS pre-orders 71% higher than PlayStation 3

Nintendo Universe writes:

In releasing more information than they did last week, Amazon UK have confirmed that pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS have outpaced the record previously set in 2007 by the PlayStation 3 by a growth of 71%.

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user8586212818d ago

I participated in this xD

Rumor2818d ago

*reads title*

uuuh okay. aaaaand the central theme of relevance iiiiisss....?????

LOGICWINS2818d ago

@Rumor- Hard to say. I'm having trouble understanding the relevance of this article too. I guess their trying to show that 3DS is a more anticipated device than the PS3 was in 2007. Well..yeah, its Nintendo, they break all kinds of sales records with their products.

cliffbo2817d ago

the 3ds does not cost as much as the ps3 cost in 2007 so it would sell better at

Masterchef20072818d ago

Its a new nintendo handheld. What do people expect to happen?

Maester072818d ago

That is one good price - I own't preorder but looking forward to hearing how good it is.

Then I will most likely get it :)

Undeadwolfy2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

New hardware is bound to sell alot, especially when its Nintendo, a new child friendly gaming device and new technology at a low price. 3DS? No thanks, NGP, Im waiting for this beast of a machine.

Kurisu2818d ago

But how can it be child friendly?! Childrens eyes have not developed properly, so the 3D is just going to cause damage :p

I'm still agreeing with you though, as it WILL sell huge amounts!

(I'm also agreeing about the NGP...I want it now!)

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The story is too old to be commented.