Top 10 Movies for Video Game Geeks

GameDaily has an article on top 10 movies for gamers:

True geeks own the special Limited Edition of this classic, which includes 17 extra minutes of acid bleeding, face-hugger terror. Scenes like Sigourney Weaver going full auto until the bullet counter reaches zero or wrestling face-to-face with the alien using a fork-lifting exosuit forever stay with viewers as they fight similar battles in games.

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MK_Red4490d ago

The Matrix FTW. Star Wars and Aliens are also welcome.

ShiftyLookingCow4490d ago

Damn I wish there was actually a good Matrix game to play with some intuitive controls.

MK_Red4490d ago

So true. I can only dream that one day someone like David Jaffe or Itagaki make a superb Matrix game.

Regret4490d ago

So movies for gamers are this sci-fi bullshit?

MK_Red4490d ago

WTF is wrong with you? StarWards, The Matrix, BladeRunner and Lord of the Rings are among the top 20 best movies of all time according to fans, movie goers and critics.

Regret4490d ago

I love Matrix (only first). I hate anything sci-fi, cuz none made it good. LOTRO, meh. Tired of orcs, warcraft, elves. They're in top cuz generation is changing. LOTRO will have 10mil fans just cuz of WoW. I know they have nothing common, but orcs, elves... It's time to make something new. Aliens are same for over 50 years. Make something new.

Im gamer for over 20 years and movies I really enjoy is Quentin's (Tarantino). Maestro. Story, art, wierd things. Unique style of directing.


bootsielon4490d ago

hope they make Hobbit and Simarillion movies

Rooted_Dust4490d ago

Do you realize how fast a Simarillion movie would have to move? It would be like doing a movie about the Book of Genesis, then Paradise Lost, then the rest of the Bible.

mighty_douche4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Back door sluts 1
Back door sluts 2
Back door sluts 3
Back door sluts 4
Back door sluts 5
Back door sluts 6
Back door sluts 7
Back door sluts 8
Back door sluts 9
Back door sluts 10
did i miss anything out?

ShiftyLookingCow4490d ago

how about Wild Slut's Nightmares Vol I: Cosmetic Surgery gone Wild to Vol X: Tiny Weenie?

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