Project Gotham Racing 4: Pro-G Review Awards 9/10

Fret no more racing fans. PGR4 sets a new bar that other racing studios are going to struggle to reach. It should come as no surprise to hear that the cities themselves look amazing, and have benefited from a new lighting model that gives the game a far more realistic look than we've seen in the past.

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Ahmadinejad4030d ago

This game is absolutely gorgeous to look at and hell of a lot of fun, definitly recommend a purchase. bikes are way too fun, i seem to use the cars less and less

psycho3604030d ago

Comeon guys give us a break. Why do you keep sending AAA titles our way. We are working extra hours to pay for all these games.

iMad4030d ago

But a can buy a game and play it for a small amount of time and still be happy. Real life comes first, games come second.

iheartSONY4030d ago

I like to see reviews in N4G because I hate to buy games without reviews. I think I might buy this game now. I was thinking of getting this game or Need for speed Carbon for $30 or maybe wait for Need for Speed Pro Street. Any body play NFS Carbon & PGR4? What do you like most?

level 3604030d ago

Again, Rated AAA. Highly recommended. Buy it/rent it - Play it.
Most tracks are new and some faintly familiar ones that we all know from before.
Great "differing" weather effects - especially on longer races ( to know how it changes ).
Love the addition of motorbikes - awesome and really fun to play
More cars/utes as well.
In-car camera viewpoint ( works like "Test Drive Unlimited" game - where you can change angles and move from side to side, up and down your views - just like inside a real car ).