If Smartphones Are The New PC, Gaming Won't Survive

If you’re an avid reader of many poplar mobile gaming websites, you’re sure to have read a few articles as to the smartphone being THE platform to develop for, and portable gaming such as Nintendo’s DS being obsoleted by Apple’s App Store or Google’s Market. I believe it’s time to explain why no smartphone can truly dominate the portable market, and why you know this to be true.

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kyl2772766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Yeah but they aren't so gaming will survive. They will always be there for gaming but I strongly doubt we will ever see Uncharted 4 on a phone alongside PS3/4 :D.

Merivigian2766d ago

Can a smartphone play Guild Wars 2? I didn't think so.

JoeIsMad2766d ago

A smartphone can play Guild Wars 2 in two years under the quad-core Nvidia mobile processor that is being distributed at the end of the year for manufacturers.

Incipio2765d ago

No more platform or gaming death articles. It's not happening.