The 25 most terrible PSN games according to North Americans

There are quite a lot of PSN games on the PlayStation Store, but what are the most terrible PSN games according to the North Americans?

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Emilio_Estevez2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

LOL, I have 4 of those.

Kingsora2767d ago

Haha really? Which ones? :p

Emilio_Estevez2767d ago

Dead Space Ignition
Linger in Shadows
Aqua Topia
Go Sports Ski

Updated last comment, only 4

callahan092767d ago

I have some of these and some of them I liked. Here's the ones I have:

Calling All Cars - Love this game! Can't believe it's one of the lowest rated.

Blue Toad Murder Files - It's OK. Not very good. One of my least favorite of the games I own.

Prince of Persia Classic - It's a good game, but it's really difficult.

Anarchy: Rush Hour - It's very repetitive and the graphics aren't very good, but I had some fun with it for a few hours. Controls were very good and the racing itself was pretty fun until you exhausted it of its variety.

LocoRoco Cocorecho - It's adorable and so beautiful. Love this game.

Linger in Shadows - It was a cool little experiment, but way short and not much reason to ever play with it again once you've seen it all. It was cheap enough, though.

Piyotama - What!?!? This game is one of the best puzzlers of the whole generation, in my opinion. Love this game, and it was so cheap, too! Is it just low-rated because the graphics are very barebones or what? Did people just not give the gameplay a chance? It's very addictive!

Trash Panic - It sucks. I thought it would be really fun because it's such a great concept but it's literally the hardest game I've ever played, it's just way too difficult to enjoy for me, and I suspect most people which is why it's rated very low.

Novastrike - It's OK. Not as bad as some of the games ranked better than it on this list, in my opinion. Pretty good classic arcade shooter type gameplay. Gets repetitive and a little frustrating, though.

Detuned - Not much reason to ever play it. I had fun with it for a while, same as Linger in Shadows, and you can actually have a good time with it just trying to make your own remix song out of the music in the game the way your interactions manipulate the music. All in all I thought it was a cool thing. Definitely not my most-regretted purchase on PSN.

That's it for games on this list that I have. I actually own some that aren't on this list that I hated much more than anything on this list. For example, Gravity Crash. That game has the most frustrating controls I've ever experienced. It had so much potential, such gorgeous graphic design and level design and so many cool features like the editor and everything, but the controls are just worthless. So frustrating. That's my most regretted purchase on PSN.

Kingsora2767d ago

Apparently you have a lot of PSN games, I am searching for a new fun really good PSN game with a lot of trophies if it's possible

What do you recommend? ^^

callahan092767d ago

I do have a lot, haha. Probably too many! Let me think... One of my favorite PSN games is Joe Danger. Very light-hearted, tons of fun, and if you were ever into games where you tried to one-up your friends to get the highest score on certain levels, then it'll get its hooked in you as you replay your favorite stages over and over trying to improve your score. And it's got a large variety of ways to go about score-attacking, where you can try to get through the level at the fastest speed, or try to score the most points through stunt-stringing, or try to find all the hidden collectibles. It's a great game and you'll probably get about 10 trophies in it without having to break your back.

I also really loved PixelJunk Shooter. Really fun game and it's possible to get 100% trophies without too much frustration, but some are challenging. You'll want to replay it over and over and do co-op til you get all the trophies.

Dead Nation is pretty fun if you have friends you want to co-op with and it's got a ton to do and a full set of trophies with a platinum.

Exactly the same can be said of Trine, which is another good PSN game, in my opinion probably better than Dead Nation but that's because I prefer platform games and puzzle games to top-down shooter type games.

Mushroom Wars, Savage Moon, Comet Crash, and PixelJunk Monsters are all *FANTASTIC* tower defense games. Take your pick, really. Comet Crash is probably my personal favorite because I think it's strategically the best without being over-complicated, and Mushroom Wars can be fun because it's just so smooooooth to control with a unique style, PJ Monsters is the most charming of the bunch and has a lot of cool co-op features, and Savage Moon is the deepest and most complex of the bunch, very good in its own right.

Fat Princess is a cool multiplayer capture-the-flag type of game. If you've got friends who play it, you can't go wrong. Very charming and humorous with gorgeous graphics.

The DeathSpank games are modern classics in my opinion. Tons of fun, sort of adventure-RPG games a bit Diablo-ish but lighthearted and hysterical.

I personally love all of the games from TellTale, especially Tales of Monkey Island. Great series. Sam & Max is great, too. Back to the Future is good. Strong Bad is pretty good, but the weakest of the 3 for me.

Really, I could go on and on and on.

I like downloadable games!

Kingsora2767d ago

So you would recommend me Trine in the end. Doubting between that and Dead Nation actually ^^

GrandTheftZamboni2767d ago

I agree about Piyotama. One of the best puzzle games. Gameplay wise beats Tetris in my opinion. Plus music makes it so much fun.

Calling All Cars was pretty good, too.

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Godmars2902767d ago

Linger in Shadows wasn't a game: it was a tech demo. Got so much buzz Sony decided to sell it rather than give it away on PSN.

Emilio_Estevez2767d ago

Do you have Dead Nation? 35 trophies
Section 8 is awesome - 51 trophies
Spelunker HD has 47.
Trine is awesome too - has 33

Those are all worth looking into.

Kingsora2767d ago

Yes heard good things about dead nation and trine. I have no idea what Section 8 is however :p

So for the moment i am doubting between Trine and Dead Nation. Which one? Are it long games btw? Or is Trine for example finished in 5 hours?

callahan092767d ago

Trine is a bit longer than Dead Nation. Dead Nation is like 3 to 5 hours, Trine is like 6 to 8 hours. But they both get their value in from replayability. Dead Nation is very encouraging to go through and play over and over again and climb the leaderboards and bring your country to the front. I was a big fan of Left 4 Dead, and that game had 5 mini-campaigns that could each be beaten in about 45 minutes. But I put in like 60 hours in that game because it was just so much fun to go through with my friends in co-op and beat the levels over and over again. Dead Nation is similar. I don't like top-down shooters as much as other genres, so Dead Nation isn't my favorite game, but it's got a ton of replay value if it's your kind of game. Trine is one where the replay value comes in the form of trying to do things in different ways and playing through on harder difficulties (which can be VERY challenging) and beating each level without dying for the sake of getting to the platinum trophy. Trine is a really creative and fun game, so I recommend that, but only if you prefer platformers to the top-down twin-stick shooter style of gameplay.

MrDead2767d ago

PSN Games I love (Not minis)

Sam & Max
Monkey Island (all of them)
Pain (good if you have friends over)

Please look a Blue Toad on youtube if your thinking of getting it, as for me its been the worst thing ive spent money on in my entire life.

newn4gguy2767d ago

Some of those are bad. Piyotama is TERRIBLE!

Linger In Shadows and .detuned are tech demos though...and most people don't get that.

Go Sports Ski is bad. Lol.

Loco Roco has bad user scores because people bought it, thinking it would play like the PSP games. It doesn't at all. It's still a great game though...and has high scores from reviewers. Still, it was a missed opportunity. Loco Roco or Patapon on PS3? Win!