Games Thirst Review: Homefront Single Player

Homefront takes many different ideas from other games to put together a badly executed, clichéd experience. They mostly marketed this game as a great single player experience, but they should have focused more on marketing the multi-player experience, since it is much more polished and fun. To see our full video review of the Homefront multi-player, just click here.

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Echo3072818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

"They mostly marketed the game as a single player experience..."

Umm, no they didn't.

It was marketed just as heavily for multiplayer, if not more-so. I saw way more trailers and developer diaries for the multiplayer than the single player. Even here on N4G, people that were talking about Homefront were talking about multiplayer.

Reagrdless, I think your score is a bit low. Story was mediocre and there were some bugs, but it was a fun, varied experience with tons of great atmosphere and back story (assuming you read the intel pieces).

Last, how do you come up with 5.8? What makes it a 5.8 over a 5.9 or 5.7. Just about any site worth its weight has done away with the obscure decimal scores and I think this site should follow suit. Just give it a 6 and be done with it, because 5.8 immediately makes me raise a 'WTF' eyebrow before even reading anything you wrote.

Aussiegamer2818d ago

I actually prefer the decimal place scoring, I rather the big guys still did it.

I think it works well when you base the score of 5 areas of scoring and average them. But thats just my opinion.

Other then that this game deserves about a 7, its nothing special but its not unbearable either.

Echo3072818d ago

I can understand it if it's an average, but unless I missed something, the 5.8 doesn't come from an average. The overall score was all I saw.

dkgshiz2818d ago

Well they bragged about how the story was written John Milius. The guy who wrote Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now. So stories generally go with the campaign part of things. So it really is marketed as an SP experience.

Echo3072818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

They did brag about John Milius but I wouldn't say that means they 'mostly marketed the game' that way. Again, go find the trailers and developer diaries. There's more MP then SP, and when Homefront was featured on big sites like GameTrailers, it was the MP they were featuring.

And the inclusion of John Milius turned out to be nothing special because as the review states, the dialogue was pretty 'meh'.