Guerrilla Games Can’t Find Score Stealing KZ3 Bug

While many gamers are pleased with what Killzone 3 patch 1.06 accomplished, like the almost total elimination of lag and XP issues, some are yet complaining about their scores not posting.

Guerrilla Games said it’s a separate bug causing the problem, yet they can’t seem to find it, no matter how many times they try to reproduce it.

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Dart892764d ago

I have faith they will find it and this has only happened to me once but not so sure about everyone elses luck.

pixelsword2761d ago

I don't think they can find it because maybe it doesn't exist? Does someone have a youtube vid they can send so GG can have a reference point?

blackburn52764d ago

The what? Seriously never had this type of issue. When they say score posting do they mean after the match or when you check your stats? Either way never heard about it until now.

Mister_G2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Yeah, not sure. When I check my stats on they are out of sync with the game. But on the PS3 the stats are right.

Glad to hear the lag is gone though, it was sooooo bad between 1.04 and 1.06

DragonWarrior2764d ago

Maybe it could be fixed if they implemented a hardcore mode? Score or no score, im more than sick of the bullet sponge effect. I put half a clip into someone and they dont die, yet I die within a fraction of a second. Thinking about trading this game in forsure.

hay2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Never thought that you may simply suck? From my experience it appears that people die as they should unless I go trigger happy hitting all around them.

DragonWarrior2764d ago

No thats not it, cause im actually really awesome at every fps I've ever played. Don't believe me? Lets go one on one. Unless your scared of course.

ddurand12764d ago

m82 takes 3-4 bullets. not sure wtf youre talking about

spektical2764d ago

no he's right. KZ3 has been experiencing lag.
I've had it happen many times.. thats why i put kz3 down, and wait for the patches to roll out. (by then the COD noobs will be gone ^_^ ).

ddurand12764d ago

lag wasnt even mentioned in his post. thats because there is no lag.

DragonWarrior2764d ago

You and me must be playing different games dude.

spektical2764d ago

" im more than sick of the bullet sponge effect. "

that bullet sponge effect is lag. The bullets do not always properly register on the servers, hence lag.

Even GG has said there is still noticeable traces of lag, its on the forums (, they have a feedback thread going.

LoneWanderer092763d ago

I only experience the Sponge Bullets on Single player is really takes a long time to kill a Helghast, but in Multiplayer is just a regular 4 to 5 bullets and my favorite 1 sniper bullet to the head Hahaha.

Mister_G2763d ago

Lol! Sponge bullets! :D

I thought that was cos the Helghast are well hard and it's takes a lot to kill 'em.

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