Zipper: SOCOM 4 Runs at 30FPS

Set to release in just under a month, SOCOM 4 will be the latest installment of the hit tactical shooter and Zipper’s first SOCOM PS3 title. After developing MAG on PS3, Zipper is looking to return to their roots and share another remarkable SOCOM experience for fans to enjoy.

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movements2793d ago

I see nothing wrong with that.

Dart892793d ago

Yup glad they're not trying to go the cod way like other developer's.

kingjoker342793d ago

how is making a game more then 30 fps going the COD route?

Ju2793d ago

Going 60fps arguing the game needs it to and sacrifice visuals?

jriquelme_paraguay2793d ago

cant wait to play this.
Playing the Beta since 15... love it

UNCyrus2793d ago

It's a 3D title... Dual 30FPS display... Move along, nothing to see here.

bumnut2793d ago

As long as it does not dip below 30 it will be fine. Id rather have 30 fps and more detailed graphics than 60 fps with poor graphics

tmoss7262793d ago

Same, for example, see Black Ops lol

ilikestuff2793d ago

cant wait for some socom!!!!! and why do people care so much about the fps? can u count that many frames in a second? no you cant 30 fps 60 fps, i dont care just give me a badass game

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Goaliegeek2793d ago

Runs better than MAG. Has slightly better graphics then MAG too. (atleast so far in the beta). Not my cup of tea though. Never was good at SOCOM. I'll stick to my KZ3. Big release though for PS3!

n4gisatroll2793d ago's not socom, it's mag 2. I hate what I play in the beta. Im sure I'm gonna be called a socom 2 fanboy, which I'm not, but this game is just terrible for being a so called socom title. And don't bring up confrontation because that's way more socom then this is.

Goaliegeek2793d ago

Never played Confrontation. Not a big SOCOM fan, but I get what you're saying. I noticed a lot of similarities to MAG too.

Dno2793d ago

yup some things are like mag so what..... mag was good and made by the same people.

Beta is awesome and so will the game.

Elwenil2793d ago

Yeah, MAG is a great game in it's own right but I can see some similarities that are a bit weird when compared to traditional SOCOM games. So far I only played a little yesterday and I like it but it doesn't feel like SOCOM to me yet. Feels a bit like Confrontation mixed with MAG tan going back to the old style. I do love the Classic mode though, it's the only way to play SOCOM. I just hope there are some better maps than the two I played yesterday. I really get tired of the urban/industrial style maps. I want some outdoor stuff like Enowapi and similar classic maps.

theonlylolking2793d ago

All that socom 4 has in common with MAG is the graphics and animations. Everything else is different from MAG.

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Graphics2793d ago

@ Dyno, the thing is nobody wants a mag game, everyone has been waiting for a socom game that actually feels like a socom game.. Why do you think everyone talks about wanting all new socoms to feel like socom 2? Zipper doesn't get that, so this one is heading for another disappointment.

BlackTar1872793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

im a huge socom fan since socom 1 and didnt like Confrontation and im sad to say unless a Socom 2 HD comes out we will never play another REAL SOCOM title. just this stuff zipper keeps putting out. Always talking about adding stuff well its # by zipper alter and there just getting worse

This game is alot of fun though and deserves to be called something else not socom.

Damn you zipper stop trying to force stuff on people give us what we want not what you think we want or what you think progress is.

Do us all a favor and release socom 2 HD and never make another socom again.

Ill add this is like MAG and i loved MAG but don;t call it socom

Nick2120042793d ago

This was already talked about during the conference call posted earlier.

Tommykrem2793d ago

After hearing that Uncharted 2 runs 30fps my stance is that the only games that need a high frame rate are games where stuff happens really fast. Like driving games. Ironically, gamess where a lot happens are the ones usual to have tearing and frame drops.

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