Bungie not admitting Halo 3 sniper rifle glitch?

In the latest weekly update on Halo 3, Bungie told gamers to "sack up" regarding a problem with sniper rifle hits not registering. Bungie stated, "What you're seeing is roughly the same situation as you would have in Halo 2, but with movies and screenshots available to examine this stuff, you're seeing more alleged injustice on a frame by frame basis. The sniper is harder to use now, so sack up, it requires more skill." Whether that's true or not, many users at the community aren't too happy with Bungie's response, calling it insulting.

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notwithstanding4486d ago

Looks like Bungie has learned well from Microsoft. Deny Deny Deny oh and blame the gamer.

Daishi4486d ago

Yeah they are just mashing the buttons too hard.... Oh wait, Sony said that....

cloud3604486d ago

It not a glitch it the gamer and the scratched disk. lol

MS is gud

P4KY B4486d ago

I'll admit i'm not very good with using it.
But its way better than the sniper rifle in Gears of War

DwightOwen4486d ago

I've sniped an opponent who was standing completely still and the hit never registered. I chalked it up to lag, but if this many people are complaining there must be something wrong.

Then again, it could be the "swipe snipers" whining about not being able to score cheap kills.

nobizlikesnowbiz4486d ago

I didn't consider this insulting.

Sniper rifle was incredibly easy to use in H2. H3 isn't much harder.

I find you have to lead targets ever so slightly. And it fires slower, requiring more patience, other than BAM BAM BAM BAM.

To people that did find this insulting. STFU. Quit being whiny little girls. Zomg wtf I need skill to snipe?!?!!

To people saying they shot a guy 4 times in the head when he was standing still. I don't know whats up with that. The only time that would ever happen to me is when the host has a sh!tbagged connection(happens maybe 10% of the time to all those XBL haters).

Other than that the rifle works fine for me. When I shoot people in the dome, they die. When guys get me in the face, I die.

Pictured below is me man-cannoning and getting a domeshot. He died. No issues here.

The Wood4486d ago

'He died. No issues here.'


dantesparda4486d ago

Why do you always have to be such a fvcking whiny little super-pro 360 fanboy about everything!? Jesus! your bad! God-forbid anything bad is ever said about MS or its 360. You are a fanatic!

Go ahead, prove to me you aint some super-pro fanboy and tell me what you think is bad about the 360 or Halo 3. Go ahead, tell me something, cuz nothing is perfect

nobizlikesnowbiz4486d ago

Did I freak you out or something? I mean wtf? I was commenting on something I have a lot of experience with.

So far I haven't encountered this problem you turd. I'm almost a Commander in Halo 3, so I've played a lot of games. So wtf am I not allowed to voice my opinion on this 'glitch'. Whenever something odd happens it's usually do to latency.

Yea I'm so pro-360. MSFT never does anything wrong. Ever. They're always right.

Grow the fvck up.

I admit when there are problems with the 360. I admit that there is RRoD problem (even though I personally know over a dozen people with 360's...ONE has fallen to the RRoD). Your an idiot.

dantesparda4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Relax, i dont even care. And the only idiot here is you and you're the one that needs to grow up. And im on my 3rd 360 since launch going on 4, cuz this one keeps freezing up and having disc read errors all the time. And i got it back from them on July 20-something. And my friend is also on his 2nd 360 going on 3 soon, cuz that one has been messing up too. So MS is batting 5 for 0 with our 360s. I dream of a day when i can get a non malfunctioning 360. And check my gamertag, you'll see im no fake. Now stop being such a fanny

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