Level 5 CEO Akihiro Hino Love 3DS Over NGP Currently

Nikkeibp interviewed Level-5 company president Akihiro Hino and asked his opinion for the newest toy from Nintendo and Sony 3DS and NGP.

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Dart893543d ago

Is it just me or does his face kinda remind you of jack black?

rrw3543d ago

his face is like that since 2009 because lack of sleep

MaxXAttaxX3543d ago

Talk about taken out of context, lol

hay3543d ago

Ah, "journalism".

He stated: "Currently it seems like too early to give an opinion"
But noooo, he loves 3DS over NGP.

user8586213543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

u missed out the sentence before it

"I had suggested some ideas for NGP before the spec was finalized, but it seems that SCE didn't implement any of my suggest at all."

but yh whichever sentence makes you feel better :)

"3DS has popular tech elements which will makes people think "Wow, cool" and showing off to their friends"

well I dont know but that sentence seemed enthusiastic to me :/

Surfaced3543d ago

Funny, as SCE was talking about how they went around and asked the development community for feedback. Too bad none of Hino-san's ideas were used.

Anyway Level-5 has made a lot more games for DS than PSP so I'm not surprised.

Baka-akaB3543d ago

well that sentence means nothing , it still doesnt show a preference . Only that his suggestions werent followed for the ngp .

Did he even stated they listened to his for the 3d instead ? Then there you go .

TreMillz3543d ago

I'm pretty sure when Sony said asked devs for feedback they ment it as for game development , not what screen, or button layout,etc if his ideas dont relate to the game development side, why would i take his advice when im the hardware company and he only makes games?

Knushwood Butt3543d ago

Probably helps that Level 5 have the biggest selling 3DS game to date with the latest Prof Layton.

He's hardly going to complain when beating even Nintendo's sales..

MaxXAttaxX3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I'll be turning that off anyway.

What I would like to know is, how much of the 3DS' price is due to 3D? And how long should I wait for a price drop to match the price it should've been without the 3D.

Oxymoron0283540d ago

How does; "I had suggested some ideas for NGP before the spec was finalized, but it seems that SCE didn't implement any of my suggest at all."

translate to "He prefers the 3DS"...

In fact, him saying its too early to give an opinion (which is in the article and something you've chosen to ignore) goes to show, he never said he prefers the 3DS...

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Stealth20k3543d ago

He is a genious. He brought a company to prominence with quality and different game styles.........puzzle, sports, rpg, srpg theyve done it all

user8586213543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

bring us our 3DS lineup!!! :)

how exactly? :S

trounbyfire3543d ago

what games does level 5 make again R they dw series

user8586213543d ago

Professor layton
White knight chronicles
Dragon Quest 8 and 9
Dark Cloud

BubbleSniper3543d ago

dragonquest5/6>all other DQ's

just sayin

trounbyfire3543d ago

i see thanks i don't follow them

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