Police Chief: Clear Link Between Gangs & Violent Video Games

Grossman, a longtime critic of violent games, told Time that, for gang members:

"The video games are their newspaper, their television, their all-consuming narrative."

Hampton, Virginia Police Chief Chuck Jordan (left) echoed Grossman's view during a recent community meeting on gangs. As reported by the Daily Press:

"Jordan had a blunt message for the city's parents at a public forum on youth and gang violence Thursday: Watch everything your kids watch and don't be afraid to pull the plug…

There is clear evidence of a link between violent TV and computer games and gang activity, he said."

"If you constantly get yourself involved in these video competitions, it becomes a way of life," he said.

It's unclear how Chief Jordan arrived at his conclusion regarding the supposed link between video games and gang activity. However, Grossman is a popular speaker on the law enforcement lecture circuit. Also, the Time article appeared shortly before Jordan made his remarks, so perhaps Grossman influenced Jordan.

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wil4hire4485d ago

Gangs and Guns & R rated movies.

Violent people like violent things.

Capt CHAOS4485d ago

Violence and violent music.

Skizelli4485d ago

Umm... gangs have been around long before video games were invented. They just like to blame anything they can other than failing parents. They've done it to Rock & Roll, comics, movies, dancing, etc.

Karebear4485d ago

And don't forget the link between police and other authority figures with snotty holier than thou attitudes and the level of cynicism among the public.

"To Patronize and Annoy"

Skynetone4485d ago

im pretty sure that Drink driving kills more people every year then any video games

until the police actually do there job by eliminating drink drivers and drugs of the street we will never know were video games ly on the list

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