Is E3 Still Necessary?

E3 is arguably the biggest event that gamers look forward to every year. However, has it lost some of that charm that makes it the end all be all of conferences?

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Capt-FuzzyPants2793d ago

I also look forwrad to this every year. Its nice to have a blast of info on new games and possibly consoles all at once every year.

sikbeta2793d ago

I don't know if it's necessary or not, but I truly enjoy the conferences, SONY E309/10 were Amazing...


It's still necessary, gaming events/shows aren't just a big marketing tool they are a point of colisilion, the inevitable comparisons, between games and developers. This kind of competitive event push the quality of our hobby up. We can catch up to release dates, previews and annoucements through other channels but it isn't the same thing.

Argue otherwise is like saying gaming journalism is no longer necessary since the internet permitted devs themselves to publish their news and gamers can share their points of view. Good journalists dig deeper than what devs say/show, give nice impartial insights, make reliable and detailed reviews and make publications which reunite a community around it.

venomcarnage892793d ago

Looking forward to =/= necessary. I look forward to E3 as well, and I (usually) enjoy it, but it is not actually necessary per-se, with how fast everything spreads on the internet nowadays we could theoretically do without an E3 and just have alot of dev's/studios coordinate a plethora of announcements over the course of one weekend.

I prefer E3 to stick around for sure, but we COULD do without

bgrundman2793d ago

It depends on if you are coming from the press or consumer side. Honestly, the best way to see the show is from the comfort of your home office and web browser. The problem is that this is the case with any other day of the week too. So no, I do not think it is necessary anymore.

Stealth20k2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

not really since the best announcements happen at tgs or throughout the year

Please? Last E3 was a wash for microsoft (6) and sony( 1 new game announced), only nintendo had something different.

However at tgs you had tons and tons of games announced

silkrevolver2793d ago

Way more announcements happen at E3 (even if I like TGS as well.) Maybe E3 isn’t NECESSARY, but it is well liked by most gamers.

HeavenlySnipes2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Killzone 3
The Fight
Playstation Move

Edit: F3AR, MG Rising, LBP2, Assassins Creed Bro Hood...

undercovrr2793d ago

Killzone 3 was announced before E3, so was SOCOM, so was Playstation Move, so was the fight. The only thing that wasn't was sorcery. So your point is invalid

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