GameSpy: Homefront Review

The problem with Homefront isn't just that it sucks, which it certainly does. The problem is that it reveals just how badly many first-person shooters are starting to suck. It's a game that magnifies the preexisting trend of developing to the lowest common denominator.

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Bounkass2768d ago

Looks like Bloodmask is pretty bored...

KrystofKage12768d ago

Low score for silly story? Modern Warfare 2 must of gotten a 1/5 then.

bestofthebest2768d ago

glad i didnt waste my money on this

bumnut2768d ago

Im glad you didn't too, but its too late for me :(

ghostgaming2768d ago

I bought it - understand the faults of the game - it is not great or perfect. It does some things good, score seems a little harsh - I would probably give it a 3.