HD DVD Group responds to PS3 price-cut

The HD DVD Promotional Group has issued a statement to say that they believe it will have "minimal impact" on the next-gen DVD market.

"The European PS3 price cut will have a minimal impact on the adoption of next generation HD formats. The real battleground is in sales of standalone players and HD DVD is out in front by a massive margin." said Ken Graffeo, co-chairman of the Group.

As well as giving Sony a much-needed sales boost in the gaming market in the run up to Christmas, the new 40GB PS3, that will be £299 when it's available later this month, will also be one of the cheapest Blu-ray players on the market.

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masterg4033d ago

Wrong. Every PS3 sold is a nail in HD DVD's coffin.
And this Xmas is going to be brutal.

With the HD formats selling low compared to DVD, it will have a major impact. Just people buying a single Blu-ray for their PS3 will move big numbers.

SWORDF1SH4033d ago

im pretty sure hd hvd as already lost. there may be a major comeback but even if the ps3 as an impact or not, if things stay as they are then hd dvd is gonna die. but i agree with masterg. 1 more ps3 sold is one potential buyer of a blu ray movie. can people remember what the ps2 did for dvd sales?? ps2 gave dvd sales a major boost. so who is to say it wont wont boost blu ray sales??

cuco334032d ago

PS3s sell but unfortunately the owners aren't buying the BD movies.

Sales figures tells you this with what, projected 100k units sold per week and the attachment rate gets smaller and smaller. Last 5 weeks alone has shown roughly a 60/40 split in favor of BD and last week's sales numbers were 54/46 in favor of BD. With that many PS3s sold, you'ld expect an asswhooping but in fact, PS3 owners only care for the gaming side and the sales figures alone say this the loudest.

I'll lose bubbles and get disagrees for this but then you have the fact that the BD format is in shambles. Last week alone you had the BD chairman saying BD is not in competition with HD DVD yet every presentation slide they showed to date had the BD vs HD DVD comparisons. Or what about Fox (BD exclusive studio) publicly thrashing LG & Samsung (BD exclusive player makers even though they are making dual formats now) for some of their players not playing the newly released, 6 months overdue, Fox titles. Your BD+ sure is working great isn't it :rollseyes:
PS2 did not help DVD in the fight. It was just another means for broke college students to watch a movie or two they rented or ripped. It in no means gave DVD a strategic move in sales. People embraced DVD as it was a massive step over VHS.

Besides, according to the BDA and the Sony fans hasn't HD DVD died some 5 times by now? ;)

cooke154032d ago

every HD DVD player sold is a nail in blu ray's coffin then. THERE ARE NO COFFINS YET. This was has only just begun.

cdzie14032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

“Every PS3 sold is a nail in HD DVD's coffin.” – Not really. Most PS3 owners are not even buying Blu-ray movies. For the last 5 weeks, HD DVD has closed the software gap from 66%/34% to 60%/40% and HD DVD standalone players are still outselling Blu-ray standalones.

How could a desperate last-ditch attempt by Sony, selling off a profitable division to subsidize a 2nd PS3 price cut in 4 months, ever be considered a good thing?

Figboy4032d ago

so, what you're saying is that me, being a Playstation 3 owner, *DIDN'T buy Blu Ray movies for my Playstation 3 and HDTV?

that's confusing, because i could have sworn that i bought Casino Royale, The Departed, 300, Silent Hill, Superman Returns, Resident Evil Apocalypse, and Pirates of the Caribbean on Blu Ray, and i plan on buying the Spider-Man Trilogy on Blu Ray at the end of this month.

so, since i buy Blu Ray movies, according to your logic, does that mean i'm *NOT a Playstation 3 owner?

if so, then what the hell am i playing these Blu Ray movies on? my X Box 360? i don't even *OWN one of those, so please, tell me how your incorrect generalization of Playstation 3 owners works?

the truth is, i own a Playstation 3. because i own a Playstation 3, i bought an HDTV. because i have the awesome combination of a Playstation 3 and an HDTV, i buy both video games and Blu Ray movies to enjoy. if it wasn't for my PS3, i probably wouldn't have bothered with Blu Ray. but after experiencing HD picture in stores, i knew HD was the way to go. because Blu Ray has the studio support, and because it was built into the Playstation 3, i've thrown my cards with Blu Ray.

it's not that i think HD DVD is a bad format (i mean, they're using the same codecs, for Pete's sake; the quality is practically *IDENTICAL), but Blu Ray has the support.

i plan on buying a fair amount of BRs in between gaming sessions (too many sweet games coming out for the PS3 this month and next).

i'm a happy Playstation 3 owner, and a very happy HD consumer. for me, there's *NO going back to standard DVDs. if it's on Blu Ray, i'm getting it (granted it's something i want). i don't even buy regular DVDs anymore, unless it's for old TV shows that i don't care for getting the HD treatment (like Animaniacs or something).

the HD DVD group is going to downplay the PS3 cut about as much as they can, because they *KNOW that, thanks to the Playstation 3, Blu Ray has boosted ahead of their format (it's no coincedence that HD DVD was outselling Blu Ray until November 2006, um, when the Playstation 3 launched).

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HeartlesskizZ4033d ago

I dont know why a Price cut is not good?
Is good for consumers and the industry

venum4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I'm totaly agree with you masterg. any ps3 owner will be interest at least once to test a blu-ray movie. if they like the quality of the movie and the HD, they might buy or rent new blu-ray movie. The impact is serious on my opinion.

psycho3604032d ago

IT depends, if its a kid with SD Tv whose parents bought him his ps3 then he might not like to buy a movie. The people who have HD capable TVs might be interested to pick up the cheaper ps3, hell, even i might consider doing it, once the HD format is established.

MK_Red4033d ago

Well, the least effect the PS3 price cut has is that consumers that haven't got into either format have choice of a cheaper Blu-ray player and gaming machine.

gogators4033d ago

the PS3 is equal to any other stand alone player from the Blu-Ray camp. The HD-DVD camp should be afraid and plan for a counter move, except I just don't feel like they have a way to counter Sony on this one.

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