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The Ar Tonelico series, spiritual successor to Atelier Iris, has been around for the last half decade and has had two previous entries release on the PlayStation 2. Developed by Gust, Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel is the last installment of the series and to ensure the series goes out in stride, Gust has made some changes to the game’s basic formula, such as: a more action-oriented combat system, new visual style, and a new graphical presentation. Do these changes make the final chapter of the Ar Tonelico trilogy one to remember, or do they tarnish the series forever?

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Neckbear2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yet another possitive review; though the game holds a 58 Metascore by some magazine review scores that, up to my guess, wrote it off as "hurr girls stripping durr otakus".

Sad, really.

takedown2768d ago

Yeah definitely. I'm playing through the game right now and even though it's not perfect, i'm definitely enjoying it. It's at least a 70 imo.

TheDeadMetalhead2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

"up to my guess, wrote it off as "hurr girls stripping durr otakus"."

That's pretty much exactly what happened. The same thing happened to Neptunia.

Meanwhile, generic buggy shooter #23574897389 that happened to have a big devloper/publisher gets 9s across the board.

coryok2768d ago

i wish more developers saw video games as these guys do. they just make games, they dont try and make the best graphics, just games. i like it.

Inception2768d ago

well said. bubbles for you :)