Pachter: Battlefield 3 has no chance against Call of Duty

Despite the efforts of DICE to build a highly competitive basis, as expressed by well-known analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush on the virtual pages of IndustryGamers, "there is no possibility that Battlefield 3 will compete with the next Call of Duty. "

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cyborg2770d ago

another day, another sucky prediction from Michael Patcher.

Move along.

TurismoGTR2770d ago

Since when was this guy opinion became news?

evrfighter2770d ago

battlefield 3 must fail for pachter. He's got so much stock in Activision/call of duty predictions that he'll lose face among his peers if it's successful.

I_find_it_funny2770d ago

and he has no chance to be taken seriously

BF3 will rule

Hydrolex2770d ago

but he is being honest, bet you all Call of Duty will sell more than BF3...

He isn't talkin about gameplay or graphics HE IS TALKING ABOUT DOLLAAAAZZZZZ !! and yes Call of Duty will win the sales

Yi-Long2770d ago

... all I know is that it will be much MUCH better than CoD, offer more value for money than CoD, and that it's players will have a whole lot more fun with it than they would have if they had bought CoD!!!

Vherostar2769d ago

See the problem is call of duty players buy the next game so those previous players will move onto next game as is the same with battlefield so you get no new players. So COD will stay on top even though Battlefield is the better game. Well I say no new players but of course you get a small percentage of growth/loss.

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EYEamNUMBER12770d ago

hes just stating the obvious
not saying battle field wont be better than COD im just agreeing with him on this one by saying that when it comes to competing with COD then it wont make much of a dent
COD will be the bigger game just like it was last year and the year before that and so on

ardivt2770d ago

totally agree.
every serious gamer knows and loves the battlefield series.
but every 14 yo kiddie knows and loves the call of duty series.

imho there are more kiddies than real gamers.

Blacktric2770d ago

"... "there is no possibility that Battlefield 3 will compete with the next Call of Duty. " Pachter suggested that the Electronic Arts title will sell about 25%, 30% more than its previous installment of the series, but should get to sell more than 300% in order to compete with Call of Duty, which is hardly credible."

He claims that "in terms of sales". Not when it comes to quality. No need to rage since most likely next Call Of Duty will (unfortunately) sell more than Battlefield 3 again.

thugbob2769d ago


I don't think EA expects for BF3 to be the new #1 selling game anyways. Nobody expects any game to see as fast or as much CoD. So this Pachter guy is only STATING THE OBVIOUS.

BF3 will be better than CoD in terms of quality.

chidori6662770d ago

Pachter is an idiot who doesn’t know the first thing about the videogames industry. Every major “Prediction” this guy has ever made has proved to be false.

Hairy Chewie2769d ago

I think Acticvision shares will take a dive because Battlefield will take away a chunk of Call of Duty's sales, regardless of whether it outsells it or not. That'll make Patcher unhappy , which will make me happy.

T3AMRR2769d ago

Yeh You Right, that´s why many things in this world will never work well. They prefer easy money( Who cares about quality!) Vs Break to the pass More Improvements and More Quality. I´m sure about one thing, many Fps Fan´s want to play BF3 but many of them Know that have no money to Upgrade the Pc´s. But many of them are doing there Upgrades Slowly Month after Month, to wait for BF3.

FFXI1012769d ago

I wish he would just STFU.

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Dart892770d ago

Oh shut the f*** up pachter you're always making bs predicitons maybe not in sales but i think the gameplay will be way better than anything cod has had to offer. .

Does anyone know if BF3 will use dedicated servers on consoles??

thor2770d ago

"maybe not in sales"

This is all he's saying. He's a market analyst, not a reviewer. I'll bet he couldn't care less about playing CoD himself.

Personally I think CoD will break sales records again, despite being the same old crap. At some point it will get old, but they'll have made a looot of money by that point.

MGRogue20172770d ago

Oh, Shut up Pachter.. ffs... =/

lugia 40002770d ago

Pachter has such a funny face to punch.

solidmic2770d ago

It as about as much chance as one of Patcher's prediction coming through. Can N4G seriously stop fuc*ing publishing this idiots babbling! How the f*ck is this news!?!

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