SOCOM 4's Game Mode Schedule for Rest of the Week, Modes Explained

RespawnAction: "The SOCOM 4 beta is now available to PlayStation Plus members, and the schedule of game-mode availability for this week (until 3/28) has been released."

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telekineticmantis2767d ago

Are they grenades of some sort.

2767d ago
Kingscorpion19812767d ago

I'm loving the beta even though it has a call of duty and uncharted feel to it.

younglj012767d ago

hopefully next week i will have a tamsen or G.Elite in my hands.I think it would b cool if they bring some MAG guns to Socom.

ThanatosDMC2767d ago

My MAG buddies are saying it feels almost exactly like MAG with updated graphics in third person view. Everything from how the guns feel, the explosions, the sound, the knifing, the character animations, etc. They're wishing it was on first person perspective so we can have MAG 2 and move the clan wars there.

I prefer the 45 shot that Valor has. Feels more accurate and faster. But im headshot whore so i kill most enemies fast even those with fatsuits (12c heavy improved).

younglj012767d ago

yea Valor 45 round gun is pretty damn good.hell about all valor guns are good.if this even plays like MAG im going to love it bc MAG is tha best tactial shooter out.No other game can bring chaos like MAG can ;)

ThanatosDMC2767d ago

... and clans and teamwork.

[ <3] Murder Survice ftw!

frankiebeans2767d ago

sadly confrontation is better lol worst socom yet thanks zipper our last hope!! now go cater to the cod players and not the players that bought everyone of your games and gave you jobs without us you wouldn't be here right now so thanks for fucking us over.