Batman: Arkham Asylum Gets Massive Price Cut through Steam

GameDynamo - "Available now through 4:00 pm Pacific on Thursday, March 24, Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition will cost you just $7.50 USD through Valve's Steam digital game download service. The game's not even a year old yet and it's 75% off the normal price of $29.99!"

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imvix2764d ago

7.5usd is a freaking steal.

mfwahwah2764d ago

Got it for that price during the Holiday Sale.


Sorano2764d ago

I want Arkham City now!

plb2764d ago

And......purchased. :)

CherryLu-Chan2764d ago

A lot of british sites have the PS3 and 360 versions under a tenner.

I'm playing through the game at the moment and really adoring it. Perfect take on Batman.

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The story is too old to be commented.