Joystick Radio Reviews - Project Gotham Racing 4 For Xbox 360

Joystick Radio Reviews Project Gotham Racing 4

Some info from the review:"Now we all remember in 2005 Project Gotham Racing 3 came out as one of the Xbox 360 first titles and it became one of the best racers on the Xbox 360.Now in 2007 it is back but this time with some old same things but a lot of new thing. This game has a lot to offer like more than 120 iconic vehicles, including motorcycles,dynamic weather conditions,Kudos reward which you can buy new tracks,cars, motorcycles,helmets and a lot more you earn them by catching air, do stunts on your motorcycles(very easy way to earn kudos) kudos are just style,speed,and skill if you can do that then you will not have a problem earning kudos.This game also have great cities that have great tracks and the cities look real some are Tokyo, Shanghai,Las Vegas, New York City and a lot more now like i said before the cities look real how do i know that because Las Vegas is one of the cities in the game and i live in Las Vegas and let me tell you that almost everything that should be in there is in it."

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mighty_douche4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

fun factor... 9
single player.9.5

all in all and excellent review for looks to be an excellent game, i wish reviews would start being a bit more 'harsh' on games, lately to many are getting scored far to high!

and for THE MART, heres another AAA to add to that list you post day in day out.

Keowrath4081d ago

"i wish reviews would start being a bit more 'harsh' on games, lately to many are getting scored far to high!"

Completely agree with you MD. They gave it a 9.8 for graphics. Seriously. I spent most of the weekend playing the game at a friends, had an awesome time and consider this to be one of the games to push me to buying a 360 but it does not deserve 9.8 in the graphics department. the game is bloody good fun but it's not visually stunning. IMO The game deserves an overall score the same as it's fun factor. Great fun but not perfect.

AnalFace4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

I will buy this... but then again the graphics look downgraded.

Edit: Best looking racing game? thats funny. ahahahaaaa. heheheheee.
Did you also hear how MS wanted developers to downgrade the experience.

InMyOpinion4081d ago

Downgraded from what? Try playing it before you judge. I played it last week and it has some of the best graphics I have ever seen. Best looking racing game for sure.

sjappie4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Compared to what? Anyways, can't wait for this game, 4 days left. Yesterday I constructed a steering wheel/gas-brake pedal set-up, wich I put right infront of my 50" plasma. I played pgr3 on it, with in-car-view, and that's already awesome, it really feels like you're driving a car. Like I said can't wait for pgr4.

power of Green 4081d ago

Its the best console racer I'v ever seen aswell. It looks so good I press pause and go to photo mode(no diference from gameplay what so ever,just freezes what was going on ofcourse you can change things if you like but I don't)and look at the pic for minutes at a time in dissbelief.

vgn244081d ago

People can read that? At least I understand douche. He's a member of their site. But LMFAO. It's called MS Word. It's a program that fixes your mistakes.

just one example:
"but this time with some old same things but a lot of new thing" LMFAO

Microsoft Knight4081d ago

Another AAA title for 360 god there are so many AAA titles coming out for it and how many triple AAA titles for pos3 none all the developers are ether making all their games multipaltform or being made exclusive for the 360 i think Sony should get out of the console wars as soon as they can but no they are desperate enough for sales that they have to lower the price for the pos3 again but it won't help the pos3 is a blue-ray Trojan horse.

mighty_douche4081d ago

that you dont even mention PGR in your comment, that implies to me that your happier about a game getting a good score purely so you can try and bash the compition than enjoy the game.

people like you talk about all these AAA games for the 360 but i bet money that 99% dont own more than 3 of them and probably wont even buy this one.

be a gamer for games, not to bash people who actually care.

mighty_douche4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

please describe what actually makes a game AAA? and what AAA even stands for? cos i cant figure it out.

EDIT: lol how do you disagree with a question? i guess you dont know the answer either!

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