Metal Gear Online Preview by Next-gen

Yet more details of the upcoming MGS4 have been released, but the most surprising is surely that it has essentially turned into two games. Hideo Kojima has never made a secret out of the fact that he wanted to make an online game, but despite teasing with alternative concepts, his only work in the area has been on Metal Gear. Both MGS3 and MGS Portable Ops featured limited online modes, and inspired some hope for MGS4's use of the permanently connected PS3. The latter now seems like an irrelevance, following the unexpected announcement of the standalone prospect, Metal Gear Online.

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Kotaku4029d ago

This not new to me but I got some inside details 2 days ago but im not allow to mention them yet or Ill lose my connection. Got to keep my word.

Just know one thing. This is a reason to buy and HDtv, High-speed internet and of course a copy of MGS4

MK_Red4029d ago

"Just know one thing. This is a reason to buy and HDtv, High-speed internet and of course a copy of MGS4."
Well, even without this preview or any inside info, that sentence is true :)

HeartlesskizZ4029d ago

Hideo, In march you will have 60+bucks(80 if there is any limited edition) from me. Big kiss for you Hideo =)

mighty_douche4029d ago

but id quite happily lick a bead of sweat off Hideo's a55 if it got my hands on the game now!

think about it Hideo.... me and you baby!!

HeartlesskizZ4029d ago

If you get an early copy Ill have the Rabbids and I sneak in a box and take it from you =)

mighty_douche4029d ago

dude, not even snake himself would be able to prize that copy from my dead cold hands!

felman874029d ago

I should just give Kojima my bank account number and tell him to just send me every game he makes.

MonkeyMaan4029d ago

I am looking forward to this map :)

By far the greatest in mgo subsistence, even better than the over rated Lab! It's a shame the European servers will be down in a few weeks :( Guess I'll have to pick up a psp slim and portable ops+ as fix until next March

MikeGdaGod4029d ago

i love the trailer on the PSN

it really got me excited