Halo 3 Still Stopping Some in Japan

Kotaku Reports: Yes, it's not exactly a nerd herd, but still. That's a kiosk in front of an Akihabara import game shop, set up to attract foot traffic. Literally spent all day in Akihabara doing magazine stuff, and I passed by this kiosk five or six times. Every time I did, it was attracting small groups of pedestrians like a bug zapper. Not news by any stretch, but this and Halo 3's Japanese sales do show that The Land of the Rising Sun does have more diverse gaming tastes than Final Fantasy and DS games. Imagine that!

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Capt CHAOS4030d ago

But seriously, this is better than zero good on em. I say.

HeartlesskizZ4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

They stop for Halo drink commercial as they look thirsty

mighty_douche4030d ago

pretty much says it all. maybe bill could start kicking out some Halo Sushi?

YoMeViet4030d ago

Halo Sushi with a bottle of Mountain Dew Game fuel = satisfied gamer LOL

nobizlikesnowbiz4030d ago

Squid-flavored Halo 3 themed Mountain Dew would probably be popular with the Japanese.

Is that friggin Navy banner at the top pissing anyone else off? He won't shut up for about 20 secs, and then his eyes follow my cursor and freak me out.

segasage4030d ago

why don't they reveal Master Chief as Sephiroth, and it would sell 1 million copies in a week...