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Lens of Truth writes ""Can it Run Crysis?" Welcome back for this special feature of Crysis 2 single player analysis. We've been getting bombarded with emails asking about how Crysis 2 performs on the consoles. So we decide to give our users a sneak peek on how the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 stack up to one another in terms of performance. But before you get to excited, this analysis only focuses on the single player campaign and a verdict will not be given until we complete our full in-depth analysis which will include more of the single player and Multiplayer levels. Until then, enjoy!"


Looks like the site is back to normal.

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movements4339d ago

What I want to know is how the mp runs on PS3 after the nightmarish demo.

pangitkqb4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

I'm enjoying Crysis 2 on PS3 immensely.

Basic summary:

360 = Slightly better Frame Rate but suffers some Screen tearing.
PS3 = Slightly lower frame Rate and ZERO screen tearing.

Edit: Apparently people disagree with me enjoying Crysis 2. Weird.

jimineyscrickets4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

How dare you enjoy Crysis 2? HOW DARE YOU!?!?

You are clearly an idiot and a bad person! You should be punished with a ridiculous amount of unending disagrees for being so reasonable!


I'm enjoying Crysis on PC and a good friend is loving it on 360. Game on, my friend, and have a good time. Game on any platform you wish.

meetajhu4339d ago

You missed

PC= Best possible frame rate and what is screen tearing and no input lag

GrieverSoul4339d ago

So... where did the lies came from?! I dont see that much diference between the 2 ports on consoles.


KillerBBs4339d ago

single player campaign. The Million dollar question is multi player. lag on the campaign, what?

morganfell4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

These LOT comparisons are always side by side. They eliminate the HUD on the side. Why does that matter?

People have been using the HD PVR to capture 720p footage from the PS3 for over a year. And it blurs PS3 video enough to make a difference. It is really evident in the HUD when you look at the right side where it says ENERGY. I run a HD PVR at home and what I capture in 720p at the highest bitrate on the HD PVR display (13.5) isn't what you see on the screen from the PS3 a mere 2 feet away.

Until there is a better, inexpensive way to capture people will keep getting mislead when any video is incorrectly snagged.

Pixelated_Army4339d ago

for those wanting to do a comparison between Cry2 and KZ3, use the screen below.

y0haN4339d ago

Basic summary:

Play it on PC.

Silly Mammo4339d ago

@meetajhu- Well since the title of the article was Xbox/PS3 comparison, the PC is irrelevant. I love my PC, but even I'm getting tired of PC fanboys harping in ever Crysis 2 article. Can we all just agree that the PC has the best graphics of the 3 and leave it at that? We don't need to be reminded every time.

IcarusOne4339d ago

Sorry, I know this is severely off-topic, but can anyone tell me what the audio specs are on the PS3? Does it output in uncompressed PCM like most PS3, or is it standard DD or DTS?

hakis864339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

I was about to retract my disappointment in the PS3 version that I uttered a while ago due to the lower quality PS3 version (Crytek proved us wrong there), but after seeing this I am still disappointed in Crytek.

The game looks really great, and I think I will be getting it for PC....

However; The fact that Killzone 3 looks just as good/better (different visual styles, some prefer one over the other), seems more intense with much more happening on screen, AND is locked at 30FPS without screentear just shows that Guerilla Games are MAGNIFICENT! Just Imagine what they could do on a PC... :O)

TardcoreGamer4339d ago

Basic Summary: PC still sh*ts on both console versions.

Love to see the fb's bark and yap back and forth over a 3 frame difference when both are sub 30fps and barely 720p.

Like dogs fighting over scraps!

4339d ago
Anon19744339d ago Show
Dee_914339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

Guess il go spend $600 on a new pc to play this /s

yea show me a pc with 2006 tech that could run crysis on max settings smoothly for atleast an hour

ChrisW4339d ago


Nah, people are disagreeing with you because you said something remotely positive about the 360.

darkman864339d ago

PS3 version has Vsync (which is a VERY heavy feature). The ps3 version would play at 40-50 fps if they removed the Vsync

darkman864339d ago

PS3 version has Vsync (which is a VERY heavy feature). The ps3 version would play at 40-50 fps if they removed the Vsync.

CryofSilence4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )


It's actually triple buffer, not vsync (I haven't done the research as to whether it is also vsync, though that would be redundant and memory intensive).

SonyPS3604339d ago


I'd like to put a slight extension on your comment.

The PC version = the best possible frame rate, no screen tearing or input lag...

...providing you have forked out thousands for the hardware to run it that well.

NiKK_4194339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

Edit: I'm playing on console, by the way
Edit 2: this is all multiplayer I am talking about

Crysis 2 is fun, you know, it's different, but it has MP problems, not lag, but just the way people move and pop in and out, it happens a lot, and the draw distance is terrible, btw, I mean yea the graphics are pretty good, but it feels like it takes a lot of hits to achieve the graphics. I love the lighting, i will give it that, it has great lighting, but i just feel it's missing or not up to par in a lot of areas, like for instance, destruction, now i know C2 was supposed to have good destruction, but it is completely ass, the pillars look very bad, very very bad (the destruction of them) compared to the destruction of pillars in kz2 and 3, now the destruction of those pillars are awesome, and the glass and water is horrible, but overall it is a good looking and fun game, and I'm enjoying it, but it's just lacking in a lot of areas, graphically, and physics-wise, so I'm sorry, but no it doesn't take anyone's crown (for instance kz2 and 3, and uncharted) and by the way, it isn't as open as kz2 or 3, the maps are a lot bigger and you can see everything from any distance, unlike this where you can only see 50 feet ahead of you, I'm sorry, but all of this had to be said, but again i do enjoy it, and it is a nice mix of elements.

Sorry for a paragraph lol

Theonetheonly4338d ago

OMG the game totally KICKED OFF!!!!!


first half spent thinking its gonna end soon..........
second half spent OMFG OMFG OMFG INTENSE!!!!!!!!!


I thought i LIKED THIS game now I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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ProjectVulcan4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

If you get on the site just post up the numbers here please? No doubt the site will be down for hour after hour and slow.....

ct034339d ago

Global percent of torn frames: 0.0
Global average FPS: 26.54

Global percent of torn frames: 1.93
Global average FPS: 29.11

ProjectVulcan4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

:-) thanks saved me the trouble of checking back to see if it was up. Both seem ok. PS3 is slower but Crysis was always one of those games you could play with a slower framerate even on PC because of the high quality motion blur.

24FPS was enough, more is obviously favourable but as long as the game is not dipping below that much then it is perfectly acceptable for a console game.

DigitalAnalog4339d ago

So basically the PS3 version not only gets the lower resolution but less frames as well. Making the 360 superior in performance and graphics.

And Crytek says this pushes the "bar" on consoles. Give me a break.

-End statement

andthensum4339d ago

DigitalAnalog hates everything PS3

-End statement

Seriously, guys. Buy which ever version you want. PC is the best version. But Ps3 and 360 are still great. Props to Crytek for the effort.

DaTruth4339d ago

PS3 has 10% less frames, but the 360 has infinitely more torn frames... because 0 multiplied by anything, even infinity will never equal 1.92!

PS3 is the better version! /joke

ARamirez00524339d ago

0 multiplied by infinity is actually an indeterminate form. You can't do it.

ReBurn4339d ago

Any number multiplied by zero is zero. You don't have to know what infinity is to know that.

Pillage054339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

reburn is right....think of it as adding an impossibly large number of zeros together. No matter how many times you add zero to's still zero.

I'd post a pic of my B.S. in Mathematics from KSU if I had a digital camera with a charged battery on hand.

edit: well I guess it depends on the definition of infinity you are using. Mathematicians like change around the definition infinity to fit their problem ;)

if you think of it as the limit as x goes to infinity then 0*x= zero..
but as aramirez is can't really multiply 0 times infinity in the sense that most people think of multiplication.

anonym4339d ago

Indeterminate forms are only relevant when you're talking about limits. They have no meaning in terms of simple calculation.

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Shaman4339d ago

The biggest problem of this comparison is the fact(that you guys will see for yourself) that the level that they captured is by far the level with most frame drops.Possibly because there is alot of trees and game engine is heavy on bandwidth.Once you get on street(as seen at the end of video) it gets much better.


chriski3334339d ago

I love how everyone said that crysis would look better on xbox and to see that's the ps3 doesn't even get 1% of tear its great awesome game

YodaCracker4339d ago

It does! The resolution and framerate are both higher!

edhe4338d ago

what is a rate of 1% frame tear?

29 fps over one minute = 1740

= 17.4 frames torn *per minute* even if that's all shoved into one that's about half a second of tear for every minute of gameplay.

Reality is it'll be spread around so you spread it around you might have 5 frames every 15 seconds. considering that it'll probably impact the traditional overscan areas more than the focal points and you probably won't notice it anyway you're looking at an imperceptible amount of tearing compared to the very real perceptible difference of an average 10% performance benefit around 30fps.

You're *far* more likely to notice a laggy section where the rate drops from 30fps to 25fps, or some distant pixelation, as you're shooting people than you are a frame tear as you're quickly turning around.

Either way, it's nice to see the ps3 being hauled up so close to the 360.

frostypants4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

Indeed. Can someone please comment on the MP? That's all I care about. I.E., is it fun? With the cloaking and what not I'm worried about it being Killzone 3-ish (good game, but not my cup of tea).

I own both consoles and frankly I'll buy whichever version I see first (IF I buy it at all).

RBLAZE19884339d ago

mp on ps3 is really good. No server issues or connection issues. Game looks better than the demo and no more framerate lag when calling in an orbital strike. I haven't been kicked from a match yet but have seen host migration tho. This is the truth and the mp is so refreshing for me and some of the people i've been chatting with

tastelessgamer4339d ago ShowReplies(6)
kikizoo4339d ago Show
solar4339d ago

how sad. no game should ever run under 30 fps. let alone a console we were told that could do "4D". i like my Ps3, but i dont like being lied to. like Randy with Borderlands on PC, like Crytek with Crysis 2, or any other developer across all platforms who tell us gamers one thing to hype their games only to disappoint once the final product is released.

i dispise this gen. a whole lot of talk and a whole lot of empty promises. :(

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RudeSole Devil4339d ago

awesome was waiting for some news on the frame rate.

Geralt4339d ago

Finished the SP today running @1080p, 60+ FPS. Oh how I love you PC.

Moentjers4339d ago

I rather get drunk than upgrade my PC to be able to play Crysis 2.

edhe4338d ago

And i'd rather pay my mortgage than get drunk.

Corrwin4339d ago

Screen tearing but consistent on 360.
V-Sync but floating FPS on PS3.

Swings and Roundabouts.