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Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back Hulkamaniacs for another exciting Head2Head Screenshot Comparison! This week we head to the squared circle with two of the WWE's greatest wrestlers of all time, Ray Mysterio and the Ultimate Warrior from THQ's WWE All Stars demo. The demo was released just yesterday for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Which one of these two powerhouses looks prime to grab the WWE title? Find out in our latest Head2Head brother!"

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RudeSole Devil3958d ago

Brings back so many memorizes...

Joe Bomb3958d ago

Getting to play as the Ultimate Warrior was awesome. I really think I want this game now, but not for $59.99.

CobraKai3958d ago

I was thinking the same, but it's all about Hollywood Hogan!!

I've been disappointed with previous "all star wrestling" games in the past, but this game is surprisingly great, arcade fun.

padz13958d ago

To be honest, i would prefer this game as a downloadable title rather than a full priced game:) but i'll buy it anyway!!

waltyftm3958d ago

Piss poor comparison shots(adjust contrast please lol), WTF is up with this site ? Sitting in front of the ps3 demo now and its nothing like those screens, The warrior is amazingly colourful.

Demo is good.

DlocDaBudSmoka3958d ago

i was gonna say the exact same thing. the demo on my TV is no where near as bad as those screens let on.

waltyftm3958d ago

Apart from the SUPER HIGH contrast the game is identical on both,Good job Thq.

StanSmith3958d ago

I tried it myself on both my 360 & PS3 so no fanboy shit here from me but it is better on 360 by a big gap. The lighting is better on the 360 and it is alot more sharper so i'm guessing that the PS3 is running at a lower resolution. Thq have increased the contrast to hide these faults. Turning down your contrast on the tv won't solve anything. I played this on Full RGB settings too.

This is another crap port from THQ. Ever since the PS3 released they have been lazy in getting wwe games on it to match the 360's quality. SVR 11 looks better and has far less glitches on 360 by a huge margin. I purchased the PS3 version initially, but switched it to 360 after seeing how poor that was. Seems like THQ are pulling the same shit here.

It's a damn shame really. Imagine how good it could look on PS3 with it's proven graphical power. THQ are still using a last gen engine for these games so it shows how little they care about the franchise.

Shogun Master3958d ago

It only looks like that to you because your not looking at the 360 version at the same time. THQ has sucked with ps3 games forever. No surprise here.

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