Are modern games too immature?

CVG: Last week we asked "Are modern games were too short?" in light of Homefront's controversial campaign clocking in at around five hours long.

This week Quantic Dream's David Cage has stuck his neck out and claimed that developers are sick of making shallow shooters about space marines.

Of course, Cage has been pushing the cause for the more emotional game ever especially with the release of his thinking man's thriller Heavy Rain.

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dangert122793d ago

our games will never truely be mature as the none gaming media love to complain.

O_O a gun peripheral that looks like a gun? ban it!
O_O you can shoot americans? an it
heres the funniest one

yep just so we don't get any complaints you can not kill the zombie kids =/

fuck if zombies were real i'd kill a kid 1

Bounkass2793d ago

Who said games are mature?