Analyst slashes PS3 shipment forecast

Component shortages could mean just 3 million units by March 2007.

Japanese brokerage Mitsubishi UJF Securities has lowered its rating on Sony, predicting a 50 per cent shortfall in the company's launch estimates for the PS3 which sent the share price down 3 per cent.
According to a report on Reuters, the analyst believes that component shortages - such as those which plagued Microsoft's Xbox 360 launch last year - will mean that Sony is unable to manufacture anything like the number of consoles planned in the short term.

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bernie5376d ago

Why don't they just launch next Spring with a decent amount of consoles?

Thugbot1875375d ago

If they delayed the launch anymore Sony would drastically lose support for the PS3.

Boink5376d ago

because if they let microsoft have a 2 holiday season lead, it would be pretty much a nail in the coffin

kewlkat0075376d ago

There have been numerous topics about developers trying to rush games when they have profits in mind now if Sony was to delay till early spring they would be in better shape I think. Then again who knows how long it would take them till they slash the prices... I know I'll get one as soon as its $300 or so..right now the 3Wii60 will surfice.

BoneMagnus5376d ago

This happens with every company every time - overly ambitious launch plans that don't pan out. I don't see this as a disappointment - just par for the course for the industry.

Ken Kutaragi5376d ago

No, I think you should buy a POS3 at launch. THen I will make more money and you will be able to get more exclusive games. Due to lack of funds, we are currently losing our exclusives such as GTA series.... BUY A POS3 for me, BARBIE KEN!

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The story is too old to be commented.