TGV: Snag Songs for the Resistance, a limited edition Homefront soundtrack

While Homefront hasn’t been doing the best review-wise, there’s still a good bit of buzz around it. And if the buzz isn’t enough, THQ are offering a free soundtrack just for being you.

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Negadeth2818d ago

I'm always up for free music, espeically if it features DEP! The rest of the bands are a bit meh, but for free I'll check them out!

Sidology2818d ago

I think iwrestledabearonce is an awful, awful band.

But that "Uprising" cover isn't half bad.

Also, Periphery is excellent, but I wish they were all-instrumental.

Because, they are so amazing instrumental, because Bulb rocks. (Light with vocals) (Light without vocals)

and...a fan mix of Light with TWO vocalists

borisfett2818d ago

Good music.

Terrible game.

ButterBomb2818d ago

Good game.

Terrible music.

Kon2818d ago

Good Game
Average Music

Herminator2818d ago

I love me some free stuff.

VladimirK2817d ago

"THQ are offering a free ear-raping."

These covers are bloody awful.

They've taken some great songs and taken away the greatness and re-inserted all that angsty, screamy crap.
(Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy death metal and all that sort of stuff but this is the screaming crap where it falls short of sounding like death metal screams and instead sounds like a pre-pubescent boy's screams.)

Now, I need to go and listen to all those songs with the proper artists to clean my ears.