Conan Demo Crashes Onto XBLM Today

XBL members are able to download the demo through Xbox Live starting today, with the PlayStation Network version available from October 11.

Content: Age of Conan Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Only in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

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Mr Marbles4495d ago

Why later on PSN? when will this stop? come on Sony do something.

Vicophine4495d ago

It's not Sony's fault, our store is updated every Thursday, unlike XBL where they get mini ones every few days, so we get it Thursday.

sjappie4495d ago

not Sony's fault? It's their network, isn't it?

Owner360-PS34495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

This demo is pretty good, i didnt think i'd like it that much but its rather fun after playing it this morning.
I do not like sonys thursday rule, i personally think it sucks. We get demos and content every day of the week on xbox live.Hell we have even gotten a demo on a sunday a few months ago.Cmon sony whats wrong with every day content? If xbox can do it surely you can !

vgn244495d ago

They will get there. Look, I'm no fan of Sony at all. I actually dumped my PS3 a while back, but even I have to admit that Sony is improving. They are catching up and will at some point have daily content updates on PSN. They just got a little complacent being number one and didn't see this online network thing taking off this fast. They'll get there.

So to all the Xbox fanboys, lay off. We didn't like getting harassed in the XBOX/PS2 days. And to the Sony fanboys, PS3 is catching up, give it time. Maybe, just maybe, we could not criticize each other all the time. Both our systems have some growing to do.

Both companies are catching up in their weak areas. MS is catching up in the hardware situation with more stable consoles and Sony is catching up in software. It's a great time to be a gamer.