Ps3 Eight Days to see light of day at E3?

Will the SCE London Studios game, Eight Days, be shown at E3 2011? Sources tell us at Gaming Uncensored that the Playstation exclusive game will definitely be there. Find out more information on the episode with Goodfellajay and Yummy 2289.


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Vojkan2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

What will they say when it is not there?
Sony canceled couple of projects recently one of studios cut was Studio London.
I would love to see it, but...

malandra2818d ago

that would make me come, I asking for the day off at work for the E3 Sony keynote

goodfellajay2818d ago

it will be..been doing thin for years..

sikbeta2818d ago

*PLEASE* I want this game since I Watched that awesome trailer in Youtube :P

Minimox162818d ago

Me too! the animation and the movement of the character for that time was OMG!!!

NeoBasch2818d ago

If that's all Sony showed this year, I would walk away happy. That game should have never been canceled (put on hold). Big mistake on Sony's part

goodfellajay2818d ago

if you look was only like a 50 man was put on since..the other ps3 games have came now its time for some new IP

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The story is too old to be commented.