Halo 3 Debug Mode Found

Bungie has apparently made it easier than ever for fans and amateur movie makers to make their own videos using Halo 3. And we're not talking about the well known file sharing system.

A new debug mode has been found in retail copies of Halo 3 that allows gamers to see their current 3D coordinates and pan the camera around their character while in a local game.

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RBlaze4488d ago

When you see the person starting up the second game to use the second panning mode, the lobby type is Theatre. The co-ordinates thing is correct it would appear, but the panning mode seems to just be theatre!

mighty_douche4488d ago

just for halo3 information? everyday, theres like 30 posts regardling it everyday, not taking anything away from the fans, but there plenty of other games out there.

"yeah but.. but halo sold another 25,000 copies today!!"

brilliant.... thats just made my day... meh