Too Many Shooters?

There are many versions of this saying, but the one that I remember is “Too much of anything is bad for you.” I’m no health instructor but I can tell you too much cake is bad for your diet and your teeth. Nowadays, gamer’s diets are being harmed not by food, but the games that have been coming out lately. I feel that the industry is putting too much focus on shooters, both first-person and third-person. The lack of variety in games will ultimately hinder the creativity that developers are constantly seeking when making a new title.

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anubis562768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yes, westerns are ruining this gen with stupid FPS games!
"No offense I am a Canadian myself :)"

thekiddfran2768d ago

I agree, this gen sucks for alot of reasons. This being one of them.

soren2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

yup way to many shooters ruining gameing

Pillville2768d ago

I know many people who were never into gaming that sit around and play online FPSs only. They don't even touch the campaign for those games.

In a couple of years, when they tire of playing online FPSs, they will move onto something else, not video game related (horseshoes maybe?).

This generation will be defined by these "fad" gamers.

no_more_heroes2768d ago

No, just too many other good games going under the radar and not getting the attention they deserve.

Ayer992768d ago

Yes! Yes! Call of Duty takes way to much attention from actual good games. Black Ops sold way too much for how terrible it was.

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