Dead Island: Trailer Family to Appear In Game

SPOnG: "Deep Silver's brand manager Vincent Kummer has defended the publisher's controversial teaser trailer for Dead Island, telling SPOnG that it was a good representation of the final product - but added that the game will not be as emotional as the trailer suggested."

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Wizziokid2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

wait I though they weren't in it?

"Kummer added that the family in the CG trailer will appear in some capacity in the final game - whether as bit-part characters you meet or as playable entities remains to be seen."

oh well it's good to keep them linked, now for some gameplay?

zootang2793d ago

Have we got a release date?

NaiNaiNai2793d ago

it was in the original trailer.

SovereignSnaKe2793d ago

-maybe your like there cousin coming to meet them?? or an exchange student.. -show up, everyones dead, everyone comes back to life, beat ass, go home, memories for a life-time! :D