Brand new Dead Island screenshots

Three new screenshots of Deep Silver's upcoming zombie action-RPG.

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Wizziokid2768d ago

looking good, but how about some gameplay?

Kee2768d ago

If there was any gameplay, I'm sure we'd be the first to see it on n4g.
In the meantime, look theres a big, fat, slimey zombie!!!

Cenobia2768d ago

I really don't see how the gameplay in this game is going to be fun. It's basically Dead Rising in first person, and I hated dead rising 2 (never played the first).

I guess I don't see a real hook to it. You're just gonna be mashing the attack button and backpeddling, right? I doubt there is a block (since zombie bites are lethal in most stories), so the combat is probably going to just be repetitive.

I'm sure it will look good and have cool dismemberment, but I am definitely not sold on this game being any fun at all.

MagicAccent2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I pity the fool who doesn't think killing zombies is fun :P

Phantasm2768d ago

It does look good. It's suppose to be using the Chrome Engine 4 that was used in Sniper: Ghost Warrior, hence the large environments.

fredfenster2768d ago

Looks better then I expected, but lets wait until we see some gameplay.

Brosephoenix2768d ago

I wonder how they'll implement the Rpg element of the game.

Will be interesting to see.

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