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lociefer2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

fuck, its the 1st time ive been this excited for a game after uncharted 2 , and btw how many levels are there in this mk coz each time i see a new vid there is a completely new lvl

Shanks2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Youtube link (HD) -

Epic trailer is EPIC!

jjohan352767d ago

The god of badass is back.

He looks overpowered though. I hope he isn't.

Minimox162767d ago

@ lociefer

What i want to know if that GOW level had a scenario fatality!?

Skizelli2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I agree. He definitely looks cool, but he also looks like an easy mode character with all the range and quick action moves.

MaxXAttaxX2767d ago

That was awesome.

I hope you can use the Cestus more than in just Fatalities.

Zydake2767d ago

probably Kratos hurls you down mount olympus to hades pit.

nolifeking2767d ago


I doubt he's any worst than Johnny Cage.

Skizelli2767d ago

I can't argue that Cage is pretty well rounded, but I wouldn't say he's overpowered. In the hands of a casual player, I'd still say Cage is less of a threat than Kratos would be.

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RedDead2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

That was pretty badass, gotta love the music too. As I thought(and everyone) he's right at home in Mortal kombat.

Wonder what his part in the story is, Probably summoned as a guest of Shao Kahn or something...

10 quid bet on his fatality....Helios Head removing technique

Edit---Alright, I understand why he has no story, they can't just add him in out no where. I wouldn't be surprised if he is just a random MK fighter.

I find it odd that this is a selling point for people though, for me it is just a big bonus. But MK is already kick ass. If you never liked MK before, 1 character ain't gonna change that, I promise you.

Nitrowolf22767d ago

It's been confirmed that he doesn't have a story in MK

Larry L2767d ago

Actually he does have a story. He's obviously not in the actual story of the game. But he has a Bio and an arcade ending. That firts leak that came out from or however it's spelled was incomplete. It also said there was no ending for Shao Kahn. But a more complete leak came out a couple days after from a different site (maybe someone here will remember the link) and it had ending for both Shao Kahn and Kratos. But both sites had the Bio for Kratos and it's a breif expanation of how he got pulled into the tournament.

Of course I'm not going to spoil it for anyone. But it can be found if you wanted to look it up.

sikbeta2767d ago

Kratos is a Fckn Beast! so long since I don't play a MK game and this is the perfect game to make a come back

meetajhu2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Only on Playstation 3 :D

Kon2767d ago

No, really???? I thought Kratos was in the Xbox version too!!! Derp.

captain-obvious2767d ago

i like that pic you posted

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waltyftm2767d ago


OllieBoy2767d ago

Completely blown away. I thought I was watching a new God of War game for a second there.

They captured him PERFECTLY

Cloudberry2767d ago

I want to see his fatality move.

MK_Red2767d ago

Cross fingers that the part shown in the video ends with a close up headrip just like Hellios in GOW3.

Zydake2767d ago

fuck that I want his fatality to be the same way how Poseidon went down.