Blu-ray vs HD DVD: 13 Reasons That No One Is Winning

Every few months it is time to read the tea leaves and try to decipher what is going on in the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray "format war". With all of the recent pronouncements from both camps in the last few months, the sales numbers and the endless PR BS from both sides, Joseph Whip of have made several observations and have come to several conclusions.

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mighty_douche4033d ago

more pointless predictions.....

all these 'people in the know' are starting to get on my t1ts...

Omegasyde4033d ago

Yes apparently credibility can be given to anyone who can type his first and last name.

gogators4033d ago

that just regular DVD provides. Which is too bad, because both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are big improvements, and not just in video. The PS3 uncompressed audio is really very nice.

Karebear4033d ago

I've never heard the sound on an HDDVD movie, but the PCM Uncompressed on a BD is just amazing! I never thought 7.1 surround would be a big deal but it really helps create that "3d" sound envelope. It freaks my dog out lol.

It hurts to go back and watch a normal dvd now. 5.1 Audio is still ok, but the banding in the video just drives me nuts.

cuco334032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Studios just aren't seeing the need as most don't have the equipment or the ear to hear the difference.

DD+ is 'lossy' aka compressed audio but it is HD audio. It also leaps and bounds better than regular DD.

Note, BD only has 50+% of their titles in lossless format whereas HD DV has about 22+% of all titles. It costs more to encode everything and since HDM is expensive to write as it is now the norm might be no lossless since the advantage difference can't be heard by the masses

Obsidianphantom4030d ago

you can hear the difference in both formats aslong as you have the right equipment. although for humans hearing is not exactly a sense that carries as notable a difference as visuals.