Sony to release $399 40GB PS3 in the U.S. on November 2

The Hollywood Reporter reports Sony will release a $399 40GB PlayStation 3 in the U.S. on November 2, according to an industry source and a buyer for a major game retailer.

The new 40GB PS3 will have fewer features than the current 60GB ($499) and 80GB ($599) models, with two USB 2.0 ports instead of four, no backward compatibility for PS2 games and no multimemory card port. But it will continue to play Blu-ray discs.

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xaphanze4119d ago

Expected. Now im waiting for the 80GB to drop to 500$.

aceitman4119d ago

and you can just use the space for now

Omegasyde4119d ago

Yea but will the 5 free blu-ray movies deal still come with it?

Also, Consider the blu-ray players to drop in price from other companies to compete with this.

felman874119d ago

5 free blu-ray movies offer was extended

secret4118d ago

The dividing line has been drawn. Everything to the left of that line is the xbox360 and xbox360 multiports. Everything to the right of that line is the PS3 and the loyal PS3 developers like Insomniac games.

The following link is a Grand Turismo5 versus Real-life comparison quiz. Let's see how you do. Take the quiz and see the power of the PS3 rather than the smoke & mirrors of the xbox360. PS3 fans, you might want to try for yourself...enjoy the true next gen experience on the utlimate home theater console -- the PS3.

Power of Green, you can take the quiz if you want, but you might get hurt when you see how good the PS3 really is from this quiz. I suggest you don't take it. I don't know how old you are, but I feel concern for you for some reason. In your other posts, you seem hurt.

Unless you got all 14 answers on this quiz correct on the first try with 100% certainty, with absolutely no doubt at all while you were taking the exam, I don't think you should click disagree. Clicking disagree without passing this test in flying colors shows (to yourself) that you're untrustworthy, pigheaded, and easily amazed by microsoft's smoke and mirrors. You know who you are.(If Microsoft really loves you, then why does it continue to sell you a product that it KNOWS is still defective rather than HALTING production until the flaws are worked out?).

Thank you. Now take the quiz.



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Maddens Raiders4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

It's like the PlayStation 3 never stopped being part of the Playstation family all of a sudden. (Some of you will not understand what I mean) Some of you will. Xaphanze why not just buy the 60GB and get it over with brother? 20 GB?

Seraphim4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

wow!! It will play Blu Ray discs. *looks puzzled* WTF!!?? Info for idiots? Lol

certainly expected though. Although I really don't care. I'm completely happy w/ my 160 GB PS3. Well, maybe not as much happy [come on games] but it's certainly suffice. I'm certainly Glad I had Bioshock, Halo 3, and Blue Dragon to hold me over till Uncharted and other games get released this Winter.

If anything though I hope RETAILERS don't jump the gun on the 40 GB like they did the 20 GB and discontinue it. While I don't agree w/ the multiple SKU strategy [MS and SONY] there is a need for it when you're offering such expensive machines, and the consumer base is so diverse. So hopefully retailers don't weed the 40 GB because demand isn't as great as the other SKU/SKUs...

darthv724119d ago

if the 40 doesnt sell like they expect it to? Sales of the 60 picked up when it dropped to $499 and then tapered off. I expect the ps3 to sell even better at $399 but what if it doesnt?

Maddens Raiders4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

those BIG Gigantic Blue Godzilla Balloon Dolls and stick it on top of HQ in downtown Tokyo, with a monster sized banner below it that reads


QuackPot4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

Come on over Ps2 owners in the USA....and Europe, Australia, NZ etc.

Some of you will buy at $399. The rest will wait until it is even cheaper.

But for sure, November is the time to start the great migration to the Ps3.


Oh yeah, don't sell your Ps2 if you want to play your old games LOL.


seems like the xbots have been busy with all the good news for the Ps3. I lost a bubble because of it. You guys need to get a life if you have to resort to bubble removing because you can't handle the truth. Pathetic.

DJ4119d ago

More people need to experience Warhawk and Heavenly Sword. =]

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