Guild Wars 2 - Eurogamer hands-on

EG writes: ""We don't intend to be number two this time. We certainly have our sights set on number one."

Mike O'Brien, president and co-founder of Guild Wars creator ArenaNet, does not seem like a man prone to overstatement. He comes across as a quiet, shrewd technician; at Blizzard, he programmed the Warcraft III engine and the original version of the online platform."

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Merivigian2767d ago

I'm sorry but with games like these, I don't see how games like The Old Republic will succeed.. but to his his own I suppose. My favorite quote this year, so far:
"We can make the highest quality MMO ever released. That's been our goal: this will be the highest quality game that the industry has ever seen... And it still has no monthly fees."