FTG Review: Slam Bolt Scrappers

"Last week, I posted my preview of Firehose Games’ Slam Bolt Scrappers. Shortly after, I was given a PSN code for the title. So how does it stack up in the current market? The short answer is “fairly well.” Let’s get into some specifics…"- ChaingunPope

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maxcavsm2765d ago

Holy crap, this came out? Completely forgot about this. Let's hope it doesn't hurt them too badly, it's a great idea for a game.

Del6732765d ago

These download games need to get more promotion somehow, starting to see a trend of "wait that came out?" a lot these days.

eccothedolphin72765d ago

The game is really a lot of fun. It'll great for when you have a party.

AmigoSniped2765d ago

This game was a blast at pax can't wait to get it.

PureDarkness2765d ago

Quite annoyed I didn't take the review foor this now :\

TheStonedSheep2765d ago

Ahhh, buying this would really stretch my budget, but I at the same tie, I actually quite want it.

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