FTG at PAX East 2011: Hands on with Warp

"A simple, unassuming name for a game, no? Warp. That’s it? Nothing fancy, no colons with crazy tag lines. Just Warp. Created by a handful of guys at micro-studio Trapdoor and published by EA Partners, this little title is definitely one to watch."- Shanghai Six

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maxcavsm2765d ago

This game was surprisingly strong; I just hope the mechanic doesn't get too stale.

AmigoSniped2765d ago

This game was tons of fun and I can't wait for it

eccothedolphin72765d ago

Too bad it's being published be EA, cuz EA sucks.

Del6732765d ago

I would have to agree, EA is pushing it these days.

eccothedolphin72764d ago

EA is so full of crap. Their marketing is lame, aimed at children and idiots, and they publish the weirdest things. I mean, Medal of Honor, really? They had to make that game? And they backed down with the whole taliban thing. Grow a spine. They want to make everyone happy, and they are making no one happy.

TheStonedSheep2765d ago

Looks interesting, really quite original.

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