Wireless 360 Connectivity for $25

Aeropause has an article up that discusses a way to hook up your 360 via wireless without the 360 wireless adapter and for about $25.00.

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AcidRhain4124d ago

Microsoft will need to drop the price of their wireless setup. I'm getting one of these!

secret4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

A free xbox360 wireless internet connection has been out for months now. It's called a PS3.

The PS3 together with your personal computer is a custom built xbox360 but with free internet connection thanks to Sony. You'll never have to pay for internet gaming ever again.

All important xbox360 games will be multiplatorm / ported to the PS3 or will end up on the PC like Gears, Bioshock, or Halo.

But this custom built xbox360 called the PS3 will never interfere with your entertainment enjoyment by breaking down, charging you for internet gaming, or cranking out loud fan noises. Plus, you don't have to belong to the xbot crowd that's pretty embarassing.

In addition, it'll allow you to watch any bluray movies you like, such as Spiderman 3. Plus, it'll allow you to play PS3, PS2, PS1, and PSN games.

XBOTS, is your console inexpensive? Read above.

razer4124d ago

Ugh.. You are not even kind of funny.. Working really hard to get yourself to 1 bubble are we?

secret4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

To show that the xbots can't do math well, let's see if any of them can figure out why 3x5 and 5x3 are the same. Go ahead, xbots. Explain why 3X5 and 5x3 are the same. Explain why 4x2 and 2x4 are the same, and so on.

Case proven...

gamesR4fun4124d ago

good work around but ebay isnt 100%

jiggyjay4124d ago

Just to add you can also use your laptop to share you internet with your 360... All you have to do is share the connection and hook up your 360 and laptop together..

On another note this is one thing that really pisses me off about M$... I mean charging $99 for a wireless adapter and a 20 GB hard drive! C'mon now! I'm pretty suprise how the newer SKU for 360s don't have wifi built in...

SofaKingReetodded4124d ago

I would watch out with those cretons at MS, they may just turn around and break out the ban stick for those who dare deviate from the fuhrers errr I mean Bill's plan for the xbox brand. Frankly Im surprised they even have a rechargeable battery pack and don't just force their poor saps to buy MS brand batteries for $6.99 each....LMAO

psycho3604124d ago

If MS wants to return favor to its fans they would reduce price of all accessories. I know they make good profit on these items to offset loss on the console but pleeze charging $210 USD for 120GB hard drive? Comeon you've already dropped console price why not drop price for accessories as well.

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