onAXIS: Console Wars, Childish?

onAXIS writes: "Go to any gaming forum, go to say the PLAYSTATION 3 section of the forum, check the first page. Do you see anything not so ordinary? Maybe like a topic about the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii? Open the topic."

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xaphanze4028d ago

He should visit this site more often.

ATLRoAcH4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Agreed. Maturity is what separates the FanMen from the FanBoys.

SWORDF1SH4028d ago

yeah this site is bad. theres nothing we can do about it unless theres some sort of real harsh banning system. you cant get away from it and its stupid considering all the consoles are very good. actually ive changed my mind
ps3 go and get some games you shint piece of s***.
360 go and overheat and realease another fps game
and wii grow up and be a proper console :p.
im off to play prince clumsy and dizzy on my commodore 64. commodore for life people.

PimpHandHappy4028d ago

"go stick that 360 controller up your *doink* and let it vibrate you newb, the ps3 is much better any day any time"

ShiftyLookingCow4028d ago

xbucks 180, pos3 and wiieak all sux. Teh fantom rulez. so awesome it doznt xsist and itz creators are real crookz hoo steal and wrek cars like in GTA(to be presize a ferrari).

krackchap4028d ago

*in david hayter's voice*
"I'm no fanboy,never was,never will be"

power of Green 4028d ago

Red Ringer will heat up your house and burn it down.

You have to call the three=fix-me hotline. Stupid botz.

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The story is too old to be commented.